Prayed for 10 times

My elementary school through college roommate is in day 24 in a hospital in Georgia with Covid/pneumonia/kidney issues. He has been in an induced coma/vent for the last 16 days. Sam, Log Hines, Longview, TX. needs our prayers. He is a wonderful person and I’m asking for help.
Received: Tue, October 20, 2020


Prayed for 14 times

Please pray for my parents my Dad Jerry will have a PET Scan tomorrow (Thursday 10/15) at 1:30 for cancer Please pray he will not glow. My Mother Darlene will also have a CT scan on October 29th please pray it will be clear as well no cancer. My parents have both been in chemotherapy since March.
Received: Wed, October 14, 2020


Prayed for 29 times

My wife & best friend of 10yrs is leaving me. She doesn't want to work on our marriage, is unhappy and feels unloved despite me fully loving and taking care of her. I am not perfect but willing to work on our marriage. Pray for restoration, to take our pain away, and for us to forgive each other.
Received: Sun, October 04, 2020


Prayed for 29 times

My son, James age 25, has been in pain for more than 3 months. He will be going for a biopsy on October 9. Please pray that the procedure is successful; the doctors find the source and offer a cure; and God provides perfect healing.
Received: Fri, October 02, 2020


Prayed for 24 times

Please pray for my friend, and sister in Christ, Jessica. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to strengthen her, and spiritual discernment to know when she is hearing from God or the demonic, and start knowing the difference, in Jesus Name. Thank you, Mike
Received: Wed, September 30, 2020


Prayed for 20 times

Please pray for my sister by name Mercy from India. She's having severe cough, asthma, cold, fever. She has given sample for Covid-19. Please pray that the results should be negative.
Received: Tue, September 29, 2020


Prayed for 19 times

I request God's presence and will at the upcoming Presidential debate. I pray for a meaningful, hateless debate. I also pray for a fair and peaceful 2020 election. No illegal influence or tampering. May God bless our country and it's citizen's in this time of distress and untrust....Amen..
Received: Sun, September 27, 2020


Prayed for 19 times

I’m asking for prayer ‪this morning‬ for a financial blessing so I can get caught up on my bills rent, utilities, and car note. Especially my Rent. I also ask for prayer for my landlord, he has been very understanding and I ask for God to continue to bless him.
Received: Thu, September 24, 2020