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Prayed for 4 times

My friends Tina and Steve are battling covid. He is home very ill She has been fighting triple negative breast cancer and is hospitalized on oxygen. She has been given Regeneron and is now receiving remdesivir due to the fear that she is getting pneumonia. Both desperately need our prayers.
Received: Thu, November 19, 2020


Prayed for 9 times

In Jesus's Holy Name, please divinely inspire the hearts AND minds of EVERY American TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for their health & for the health of their loved ones & wear their mask, keep socially distant, & frequently wash their hands to STOP THE SPREAD of COVID-19. Protect us, Lord, from ALL evil!
Received: Sun, November 15, 2020


Prayed for 6 times

I pray God's love over my house, over my step children Rishon, Nathaniel and Justin, I pray God brings us closer, I pray the unconditional love of Jesus Christ in my marriage between myself Benjamin and my beautiful wife Cynthia, I pray God's total blessings in our marriage. amen
Received: Sun, November 15, 2020


Prayed for 13 times

Dear Lord please save my marriage, soften my wife's heart for us to be reconciled. Please open communication that is positive between us, please heal the hurts we have and to be able to forgive each other. Please God in your mercy save our marriage Through Jesus Christ Amen
Received: Sat, November 14, 2020


Prayed for 17 times

My father, mother, and grandmother tested (+) for covid 19 a few days ago. I'm very worried and scared. Still can't believe that the virus got to my family. Please pray for our health, that God give us strength and healing. I believe in the power of prayer, and I want to keep believing. Thank you.
Received: Fri, November 13, 2020


Prayed for 28 times

Dear Lord, I ask that you please save my marriage God. My wife is wanting to separate. Please God open communication and forgiveness between us. Please Lord save my marriage, I love my wife and am wanting our marriage restored, nothing is impossible with you God, Through Jesus Christ Our Lord
Received: Fri, November 06, 2020


Prayed for 26 times

I was born with a Rare, severe Dry skin disorder diagnosed as #ICHTHYOSIS. I had it since birth (1996) and now im 24 (2020). It affected me from Head to Toe. Constantly uncomfortable physically, mentally and emotionally. Struggles with social life and being in public.
Received: Thu, November 05, 2020


Prayed for 45 times

I have cancer with two weeks to live. I need prayers for healing.
Received: Thu, November 05, 2020