Amelia Earhart Learning Center

Opportunities for 2016-17 

Reading Buddy 

Reading with kids one-on-one during your lunch break makes a dramatic impact on their reading and comprehension skills week. For more information or to register, email Caroline Krause. This program lasts throughout the school year.

Teacher/Classroom Aid

The teachers at AELC are often understaffed and overwhelmed by the needs in their classroom. Volunteer 1-2 times a month (times are flexible) to help with classroom organization and small tasks. For more information or to register, email Caroline Krause

Librarian and Reading Instructional Coach Assistant

Spend a few hours a month helping with various activities around the school, such as helping organize library, running reading programs, and hosting student recognition programs. For more information or to register, email Caroline Krause

PTA Meetings  

PTA meeting takes place every 3rd Thursday of the month from 5–6 pm. HPPC volunteers provide food and hospitality at the monthly PTA meeting. No cooking required as we use various caterers (although homemade desserts are greatly appreciated). Help deliver the food and socialize with the teachers and parents. Providing this hospitality increases parental participation in their children's education. For more information or to register, email Caroline Krause

The Amelia Earhart Learning Center (PreK-5th grade) is only minutes away from HPPC and is one of the lowest performing schools in the DISD.  Through HPPC’s relationship with Project SOAR (Services Optimizing Academic Reach) we have been partnering with AELC to help in providing encouragement and academic tools that are needed to escape the cycles of poverty.

The Adopt-a-School partnership is designed to help the school administrators and teachers with needs they neither have the time nor resources to meet. As a church-adopting partner of Project SOAR, we are asked to offer help in ways that match the many talents and capabilities of our congregation.

During this partnership there has been a 22% increase in tested reading skills and a marked improvement in getting parents involved with the PTA.  

AELC Volunteer Registration


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