HP PRES Church League


2019 Season

All games will be Jan. 13–March 3 

Game schedule:
Days and times that each grade will play:

  • Sunday: 7th–9th grade (Competition Court South gym at HP Middle School)
  • Sunday: 10th–12th grade (10th grade will be on the West court and 11th–12th will be on the East, except for one game a week)
  • All games are between 1–7 pm  

For more information on the league, email League Co-Commissioners: Derek Cahn or Johnny Barnes.

About the HP Pres CHurch League at HPMS

The HP Pres Church League at HPMS (previously PCBL) has been a historic presence in the Park Cities for nearly 40 years. The HP Pres Church League at HPMS is a Christ-centered basketball league that allows students to enjoy competitive play in a safe and fun environment. Every year, more than 300 students from 7–12 grades participate in a season that spans two months. Leagues are based on grade levels with the exception of the 11th and 12th Graders combined into one league. Every game begins with a devotional and follows high school basketball rules with trained and certified referees and table workers. The league has volunteers who manage the time clock, scores and even keep player statistics for each game. The season concludes with playoffs and championships in each league. 

2019 League Registration


Coach Registration

  • Coaches must be over 21 and must register online before a team is “official.” 
  • Coaches are required to be present at all games and will be asked to complete a background check. 


Player Registration

Early Registration for players is Nov.6–Dec.22 at $150 per student. Late registration is Dec.23–Jan.12 at $175 per student.

  • Players must register themselves and will be able to request the team they want to play on by indicating who is their coach. 
  • Students can also sign up without a team and will be placed on a team by us. 
  • Teams must have a minimum of 7 and are recommended to have no more than 12 players total. 
  • If a team does not show, a forfeit will be awarded.
  • School team player limits:
    • High School: Maximum of 3 school team players are allowed.
    • Middle School: Maximum of 4 school players and no more than two A team players are allowed on a team.
  • Late Registration: through Jan. 12, $175 per student.
  • UNIFORMSAll teams are required to have reversible jerseys with the same colors. Not Just Soccer will be stocking jerseys for our basketball league beginning in mid-November, so please swing by over there if your team does not already have reversible jerseys or if you'd like to purchase the new ones. 

2019 Rules


Q: My registration is not submitting or the website is not accepting payment.

  • A: Our online registration does not take American Express, and all issues we’ve experienced from this has come from people using American Express for the payment. If you are still having problems, let us know and we’ll get back to you at our earliest convenience.

Q: I’ve registered as a coach, now what?

  • A: You will receive an e-mail from Protect My Ministry prompting you to complete a background check. You must complete this background check in order to coach in the basketball league! 

Q: Where and when do practices take place?

  • A: We do not schedule any practices! This league is games only, however, if you’d like to practice your players are welcome to use our gym during an open gym time.

Q: My son does not have a team but wants to play, what do I do?

  • A: Great! Register your son for the league and list him as a free agent. He will be placed on a team for the season and join a roster of an existing team. Please be patient with us on this, we may not be able to solidify the team until the week of games beginning because we typically get a lot of late team registrations. We will reach out to you along with the coach when your team has been decided!