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Transform lives by updating our campus to match the vision for our church.


Latest Updates

  • 5-14-17: Presentations from Neighborhood Meeting added to
  • 5-1-17: See the press release sent to local media outlets. 
  • 4-26-17: See the letter sent to our neighbors explaining the Campus Vision project.
  • 4-19-17: Image Gallery (below) updated with new maps.

While a building does not define a church, it has long been a way to gather the people that make up the church family. Facilities can attract, encourage, support, and inspire people, or they can create barriers and send discouraging messages. A church building is a vital hub for making disciples of every generation.

Our purpose is to lead all generations to become transformed followers of Jesus for the flourishing of our city and the world. The Session of Highland Park Pres has approved a Master Plan that will update our church facilities so that we can change lives for generations to come.

The Process

2012 Mission Study Report: The Mission Study Report, created out of a congregational survey, identified several items for our church to address in the future. One of these items was updating our campus to match the vision for our church.

2015 Campus to Vision Team Formed and Listening Sessions: The Session tasked the Campus to Vision team with creating a Master Plan, a set of conceptual high level ideas for updating our campus. To do this, the Campus to Vision team spent a year listening to our congregation to discern the needs for our church.

2016 Session and Campus to Vision Team Incorporate Ideas: After collecting ideas from the congregation at town halls, listening sessions, comment cards, and more, the Campus to Vision Team presented an updated Master Plan that incorporated the congregation's feedback.

2017 Session Approves Conceptual Master Plan: The Session (elected by our congregation) approved the Conceptual Master Plan after months of deliberation and prayer.

Conceptual Master Plan Goals

  • Respect the heritage of the church
  • Plan spaces that build fellowship
  • Create a gathering area that will be the heart of the church
  • Improve flow and wayfinding across the campus
  • Maximize the use of natural light
  • Create a vibrant and inviting space for kids and families
  • New adult classrooms
  • Engage the congregation and the church leadership in a planning process that will build trust and excitement about the future of the church

Conceptual Master Plan Campus Update

  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_01.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_02.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_03.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_04.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_05.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_06.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_07.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_08.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_09.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_10.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_11.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_12.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_13.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_14.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_15.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_16.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_17.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_18.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_19.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_20.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_21.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_22.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_23.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_24.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_25.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_26.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_27.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_28.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_29.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_31.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_32.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_33.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_34.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_35.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_36.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_37.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_38.jpg
  • /assets/2226/campus_vision_-_4-19_-town_hall_page_40.jpg

Conceptual Master Plan Summary

  • Central gathering (20,500 sq. ft.)
  • New front door
  • New kids & students areas
  • 11 new & updated adult classrooms
  • 35,000 new sq. ft.
  • 190,000 renovated sq. ft.
  • 350 underground parking spaces
  • Updated flow
  • Natural light
  • New collaborative staff offices
  • Medium-sized meeting spaces

Next Steps


Process Next Steps:

  • Working with city and neighbors on zoning
  • Appointing architect and construction management
  • Fundraising
  • Finalizing plans
  • Goal to begin construction middle of 2018

Zoning Information

For technical questions, issues about zoning, neighborhood informational meetings, construction details, and city filings, please visit for more information from Masterplan, a Dallas based land use consulting company, who is assisting the church with neighborhood outreach and the rezoning process at the City of University Park.

Campus Vision Feedback

Our Session values your suggestions, concerns and feedback as we match our campus to the vision for the future. Please use the below form to get in touch with us:

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