Growth Courses
& Adult Sunday Classes

Joining an adult class is a great way to build intergenerational relationships, hear transformative teaching, and discuss important topics. There are two types of classes that we offer: short-term Growth Courses and ongoing Adult Sunday Classes.

Spring 2021 Growth COurses

At Highland Park Pres, our hope is to see all of our church family growing as followers of Jesus. Growth Courses are short-term (4–6 weeks) and will meet over Zoom. They are designed to help you, wherever you are in your spiritual journey, take steps toward Jesus in a life-transforming way.


Practices for a Life With Jesus
  • Sundays, April 18–May 30, 7:30–8:45 pm

FInancially Free:

Managing Money God's Way
  • Thursdays, April 22–May 20, 7:30–8:30 pm


Grow Your Prayer Life Through The Lord's Prayer
  • Tuesdays, April 27–June 8 , 7:30–8:30 pm


Know What You Believe
  • Sundays, May 16–June 13, 11 am–12:15 pm


Practices for a Life with Jesus

Meets online weekly over Zoom
Sundays, 7:30–8:45 pm
April 18–May 30
Led by various leaders

Wondering how to live out your faith in everyday life? This 6-week course will equip you with the foundations to grow in Christ and with others. Together we will learn and discuss how to worship, read the Bible, pray, share our faith, and live in community.  

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Financially Free

Managing Money God's Way

Meets online weekly over Zoom
Thursdays, April 22–May 20, 7:30–8:30 pm
Led by Andy Raub.

Managing our personal finances is one of the most important and emotional things we do in life, and it can also be a key to our intimacy with God. While the world surrounds us with money messages, the Bible has a lot of surprising things to say about how God views money in our lives. Join Andy Raub, Bible teacher, financial advisor, and HP Pres Director of Generosity, as he leads us through a biblical and practical approach to getting our financial act together.

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Grow Your Prayer Life Through The Lord's Prayer

Meets online weekly over Zoom
Tuesdays, April 27–June 8
7:30–8:45 pm
Led by various leaders

If the idea of “prayer” scares you, makes you uncomfortable or feel slightly guilty that you don’t know how to then this is the growth course for you! Join us for a seven session journey through the Lord’s prayer that will help you start, grow and deepen your prayer life. The simple aim of The Prayer Course is to help all of us (wherever we might be in our spiritual journey) grow in relationship with God. There are 7 sessions framed by the Lord’s Prayer that help us explore different aspects and practices of prayer. Prayer is simply how we relate to God. The course is hosted by Calum Lindsay our Pastor of Prayer and utilizes the fantastic Prayer Course materials by 24-7 Prayer and the book by Pete Greig “How to Pray: a Simple Guide for Normal People” which will be available at the HP Pres Hunt Center Front Desk beginning April 15 should you desire a copy. 

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The Essentials 

Know What you Believe

Sundays, May 16–June 13
11 am–12:15 pm
(In Person and on Zoom)
Led by Walter Teter and Steve McLean

What is it that we believe as Christians? On the one hand, most of would have no trouble answering that question. We believe in the Bible and Jesus and the church, etc. But what exactly do we believe about the Bible and Jesus and the church, etc.? And how are Presbyterians different from other Christian denominations? This 5 week class will take a look at beliefs we have in common with all Christians and beliefs that are distinct to Presbyterianism.  

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Adult Sunday Classes 

Sunday Classes are communities for adults of all ages. No registration is necessary. Come as you are, when you can. If your regular class is not meeting, or you have been thinking of joining one, all classes are open to everyone. Feel free to jump in a Zoom class!

Zoom Tips for Participants

Classes Meeting in-person and Online 

Discussion Class (Acts Too)
9:30 am, Zoom Link

Family Life (40s–70s)
9:30 am, Zoom Link

Trinity (50s)
9:30 am, Zoom Link

Bell (60s)
9:30 am, Zoom Link

Wynne Class (Primarily 60+)
9:30 am, Zoom Link

Young Adults (20s–30s)
9:30 in Hunt Center Room A, Zoom Link


Classes Not Meeting During This Time

Not Meeting Currently

Journey (40s–50s)
Not Meeting Currently

30s/40s Class
Not Meeting Currently

Not Meeting Currently


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