Growth Courses
& Adult Sunday Classes

Joining an adult class is a great way to build intergenerational relationships, hear transformative teaching, and discuss important topics. There are two types of classes that we offer: short-term Growth Courses and ongoing Adult Sunday Classes.

What is a Growth Course?

At Highland Park Pres, our hope is to see 100% of our church family growing as followers of Jesus. Short-term Growth Courses are designed to help you, wherever you are in your spiritual journey, take steps toward Jesus in a life-transforming way.

Most Growth Courses typically last 6–8 weeks, and usually are taken with about 12 other people. Courses are designed to include required homework, devotional practices, and group activities to help you develop spiritual skills and improve your everyday life.

Finishing Well

Developing a Kingdom Centered Strategy for our 60’s, 70’s and 80’s

Meets online weekly over Zoom
Wednesdays, 7–8 pm
September 23-October 21
Led by Steve McLean

Walter Wright encourages us to think about life in “thirds.” The first third of life (1-30) is primarily about incubation, education, preparation, exploring identity and purpose. The second third (30-60) is dominated by family and work. The third third (60-90) is a relatively new phenomenon that has developed in the last 100 years. Average life expectancy in 1920 was 53 years compared to 78 today. What are we to do with this additional 25 years that we have been entrusted with? Our culture has answers for us, but how do we think about this from the perspective of God’s kingdom?

In Finishing Well we will think about how we can make the greatest contribution to the kingdom of God during this third third of our lives. To do that we will need to revisit questions we may have thought about before including “Who am I?,” “What does my future look like?,” “What am I good at?,” and “What is God doing in my spheres of influence?” 

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Practices for a Life with Jesus

Meets online weekly over Zoom
Wednesdays, 8–9 pm
October 21-November 18
Led by various leaders

Wondering how to live out your faith in everyday life? This 5-week course will equip you with the foundations to grow in Christ and with others. Together we will learn and discuss how to worship, read the Bible, pray, share our faith, and live in community. We will be meeting Wednesday nights from 8-9 pm, beginning Oct. 21.” 

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Spiritual Authority Cohort

Meets monthly online or in-person (your preference)
Mondays, 6:45–9 pm
Beginning Oct. 4 monthly through April 19
Led by Josh Peck and Staff.

The Spiritual Authority Cohort is designed to encourage, empower, and bless men and women with practical prayer tools that allow them to step into their spiritual authority in their homes, workplaces, neighborhoods, and beyond. Once a month for seven months, this experiential prayer training allows followers of Jesus to fully discover their identity as sons and daughters of the King and, through specific prayer tools, experiment with the spiritual authority that comes with that identity.

“Taking this class deepened my intimacy and connection with God through prayer in incredibly unexpected ways. Free from my own anxiousness and worry, I felt both emboldened and at peace in knowing that God is in control and our true authority.” –Vance Shull

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Financially Free

Managing Money God's Way

Meets online weekly over Zoom
Thursdays, Oct. 15-Nov. 19, 7:30–8:30 pm
Led by Andy Raub.

Managing our personal finances is one of the most important and emotional things we do in life, and it can also be a key to our intimacy with God. While the world surrounds us with money messages, the Bible has a lot of surprising things to say about how God views money in our lives. Join Andy Raub, Bible teacher, financial advisor, and HP Pres Director of Generosity, as he leads us through a biblical and practical approach to getting our financial act together.

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Adult Sunday Classes 

Sunday Classes are communities for adults of all ages.No registration is necessary. Come as your are, when you can. If your regular class is not meeting, or you have been thinking of joining one, all classes are open to everyone. Feel free to jump in a Zoom class!

Zoom Tips for Participants

Classes Meeting Online 

Discussion Class (Acts Too)
10 am, Zoom Link

Family Life (40s–70s)
11 am, Zoom Link

Trinity (50s)
10 am, Zoom Link

Bell (60s)
10 am, Zoom Link

Wynne Class (Primarily 60+)
10 am, Zoom Link

Young Adults (20s–30s)
11:15 am, Zoom Link


Classes Not Meeting During This Time

Not Meeting Currently

Journey (40s–50s)
Not Meeting Currently

30s/40s Class
Not Meeting Currently

Catacombs (70s–80s)
Not Meeting in July

Not Meeting Currently


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