Growth Courses
& Adult Sunday Classes

Joining an adult class is a great way to build intergenerational relationships, hear transformative teaching, and discuss important topics. There are two types of classes that we offer: short-term Growth Courses and ongoing Adult Sunday Classes.

What is a Growth Course?

At Highland Park Pres, our hope is to see 100% of our church family growing as followers of Jesus. Short-term Growth Courses are designed to help you, wherever you are in your spiritual journey, take steps toward Jesus in a life-transforming way.

Most Growth Courses typically last 6-8 weeks, and usually are taken with about 12 other people. Courses are designed to include required homework, devotional practices, and group activities to help you develop spiritual skills and improve your everyday life.

Current Growth Courses


Thursday mornings or evenings. Meets weekly, beginning Jan. 23. Led by Calum Lindsay.

Alpha is an opportunity to explore life, faith, and God in a friendly, open, and informal environment. Each session looks at a different question around faith and is designed to create conversation. The Alpha program is offered by organizations all over the world. Everyone is welcome.

“A friend recommended Alpha to me at a very low point in my life. I came with a lot of questions and a lot of pain. To my surprise, I was met with truly honest discussion and unwavering kindness. The course was incredibly eye-opening as I saw God work through my wonderings, not flee from them.” —Leslie Spencer

Growth Track Stage: Exploring Jesus or Following Jesus

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Spiritual Gifts

A three-week course on Sunday mornings, beginning Feb. 23, led by Emily Scates.

This three week course is an exploration of Spiritual Gifts, learning methods and techniques to deploy your gifts to serve God and those around you. Every Christian is called to join God in his grand mission of redeeming the world and bringing his people back to him, but the way we join him looks different for each person. This is where our spiritual gifts and calling come into play, and discovering this is a part of the journey.

So if you’re interested in learning how God has equipped you with unique gifts for a unique calling, then come and join us for a 3-week course.

Growth Pathway Stage: Following Jesus or Maturing in Jesus

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Spiritual Practices Lab

Sunday mornings, once a month, Spring beginning Feb. 23, led by Josh Peck and Sterling White

The Spiritual Practices Lab will help establish spiritual rhythms of deep contentment, joy, and confidence in your everyday life, rooted in Jesus. When we commit to spiritual training, we know that there is a race to be run. In time, with practice, our spiritual strength grows much like an athlete who is strengthened through exercise. So if you’re interested in getting out of the spiritual bleachers, and into the game, then this course is a great place to start.

“This class allowed me to slow and quiet down. Instead of talking at God, I started to listen to what He was speaking to my heart. It was humbling and comforting to release control, and my faith grew immensely in the process.” –Chris Davidson

Growth Track Stage: Following Jesus or Maturing in Jesus

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Ready to Reason

A four-week course on Tuesday nights, beginning March 24, led by Charlie Dunn.

This course will prepare you to have fruitful spiritual conversations with your non-Christian friends. There is no script, no magic four-step process, and we will not turn your friends into “projects.” This course will instead teach you how to have conversations in the context of authentic, loving relationships. We will practice sharing the uniqueness and reasonableness of Jesus in clear and simple ways.

“When I became a believer, I did not feel equipped to share my faith and was afraid of not living up to my responsibility. Then I learned how to share Jesus more like Jesus himself–with the friends and people in his path. At some point, our friends, coworkers, and family will notice that there is something different about us. They will ask us thoughtful questions, and we want to then be ready to share the truth of the Gospel with them.” –Tom Koons

Growth Pathway Stage: Following Jesus or Maturing in Jesus

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Leadership Foundation

Sunday Mornings, Four-week course, beginning Feb. 9, led by Tobin Miller 

The Leadership Foundation Course is for people in any stage of life who want to discover how to intentionally follow God’s calling for their life. In this course, you will:

  • Learn how leadership, in the biblical sense, is a calling from and a partnership with God.
  • Understand how the abilities and experiences God has given can be used for the kingdom.
  • Learn how to discern what God is calling you to do in your life.
  • Alongside a mentor, make a plan to use your leadership skills to influence the world around you for the kingdom.

Growth Pathway Stage: Surrendering to Jesus

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Adult Sunday Classes – 10 am

Sunday Classes are communities for adults of all ages. No registration is necessary, come as your are, when you can.

Discussion Class
10 am, Bell Center (Currie Hall)
All ages welcome

Journey (40s–50s)
10 am, Room 25

Family Life (40s–70s)
10 am, Room 11

Trinity (50s)
10 am, Room 24

Wynne Class
10 am, Room 5
Primarily 60+, all ages welcome

Bell (60s)
10 am, Room 12

Catacombs (70s–80s)
10 am, Room 17

10 am, Room 13

10 am, Room 14

Adult Sunday Classes – 11:15 am

Young Adults (20s–30s)
11:15 am, Parlor

30s/40s Class
11:15 am, Room 28


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