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Joining an adult class is a great way to build intergenerational relationships, hear transformative teaching, and discuss important topics. There are two types of classes that we offer: short-term Growth Courses and ongoing Adult Sunday Classes.


The Essentials - Growth Course

In a world where “my truth” can be different from anyone else’s and everything is relative, where does that leave us? Where does it lead? What are the essential truths? The truths without which everything falls apart? The truths that makes us who we are? The truths of God, whom is Truth himself? These are the big questions we’ll answer and appreciate as take a look at the essential truths of the Bible and of our particular theological beliefs (officially called Reformed Theology). Join us as we come to see just how good life can be when we discover what it looks like to “live His truth” rather than to “live my truth.”

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Spiritual Practices Lab - Growth Course

Christians commit to their spiritual training knowing there is a race to be run, a part to play on a team and a mission greater than themselves. And in time, the spiritual strength of the Christian grows much like an athlete is strengthened through exercise. So if you’re interested in getting off the spiritual sofa, so to speak, and want to get moving with us, then this course is a great place to start as we work together to establish rhythms of deep contentment, joy, and confidence in your everyday life.

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Leadership Foundation - Growth Course

Take the Leadership Foundation growth course where you will identify how God is at work in your life and gain depth in your relationships with God and others. Receive an application to join our course starting in January by emailing Tobin Miller.

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Sunday Classes

Sunday Classes

Sunday Classes are communities for adults of all ages. No registration is necessary, come as your are, when you can.

Adult Sunday Classes

Lenten Bible Study
6:30–8:30 pm, Wynne Chapel
Sundays, March 10–April 14

30s /40s Monthly Class
10 am, Parlor
March 31, April 14, May 12

30s /40s Family Gathering
8:45 am, Interior Courtyard Playground
April 7 and May 5

Discussion Class
10 am, Bell Center (Currie Hall)
All ages welcome

Journey (40s-50s)
10 am, Room 210

Trinity (50s)
10 am, Room 114

Bell (60s)
10 am, Room 119

Family Life (40s-70s)
10 am, Room 118

Catacombs (70s-80s)
10 am, Room 122

Wynne Class
10 am, Wynne Chapel
Primarily 60+, all ages welcome

Young Adults (20s-30s)
11:15 am, Parlor


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