Joining an adult class is a great way to build intergenerational relationships, hear transformative teaching, and discuss important topics. There are two types of classes that we offer: short-term Growth Courses and ongoing Adult Sunday Classes.

Spring Growth Courses

At Highland Park Pres, our hope is to see all of our church family growing as followers of Jesus. Growth Courses are short-term (4–6 weeks) and will meet over Zoom and/or in-person. They are designed to help you, wherever you are in your spiritual journey, take steps toward Jesus in a life-transforming way.

Spring course information coming soon!

SPring Book Club

"Evolution and Intelligent Design" 

Four Thursdays, beginning Thursday, Feb. 3. Led by Emily Scates on Zoom

Are life and the universe a mindless accident — the blind outworking of laws governing cosmic, chemical, and biological evolution? That’s the official story many of us were taught somewhere along the way. But what does the science actually say? Drawing on recent discoveries in astronomy, cosmology, chemistry, biology, and paleontology, Evolution and Intelligent Design in a Nutshell shows how the latest scientific evidence suggests a very different story.

Join us via zoom for this exploration of the relationship between science and faith.

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