We have an active Disaster Relief team that researches the best place to send funds after a disaster, both local and globally. Your donations aid Christian organizations that already have a relationship with Highland Park Pres. When you can make a donation, you can note the disaster designation of your choice.

Give to the Tornadoes Relief Fund

Serve Primera Iglesia Bautista

HP Pres has been partnering with Primera Iglesias to help them get back on their feet after the October tornadoes destroyed their church building. They have found a great opportunity to rent John Calvin Presbyterian Church on Royal Lane. The church building has been vacant for a while and needs some work. Listed below is an opportunity to help serve this community.

  • Saturday, Feb. 22
  • 9 am–12 pm
  • John Calvin Presbyterian Church/Primera Iglesias Bautista (4151 Royal Lane, Dallas, 75229)

Join together with members of Primera Iglesias to distribute sheets and mattresses to the community. Help is needed to sort and hand out bed sheets and pillows to families as they come. Families will also need help in loading their cars.

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Dallas Tornadoes

Our city is still reeling from the tornadoes that ripped through Dallas on October 20. There are many in our city that will have a difficult time recovering. 

  • Hundreds of Dallas/Richardson families who were already struggling financially before the storm lost their homes, all their belongings, and/or their vehicles.
  • Other low-income families' homes were badly damaged leaving them living in unsafe/unsanitary/uncomfortable conditions.
  • Other families lost wages when their employer or daycare was closed either temporarily or still to this day.
  • Almost 3,000 mostly low-income Dallas ISD children lost their schools.
  • Over 30 total school facilities were impacted to some degree.
  • Several churches were badly damaged. At least 2 congregations are still totally displaced.

In the middle of such adversity, we have had an amazing opportunity to demonstrate to others the same generosity God has shown us. Just a few miles away, Primera Iglesia Bautista, a church ministering to the lost of Dallas, was shook with the reality of this disastrous storm. Highland Park Pres heard of their loss and sent out our Disaster Relief team. Read “Holy Moments of Service” to learn more. 

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Ways to help those impacted by the Dallas Tornadoes

Financial Giving
HP Pres is collecting financial donations to aid those in need. By giving to the Highland Park Pres Disaster Relief Fund, you will be directly helping those impacted by these storms. We have an active Disaster Relief team that will research the best place to send these funds to aid those in need.

Give to the Tornadoes Relief Fund

Dallas Independent School District

Mentor a Student at Thomas Jeffereson High School

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Celebrating Jesus Together

Due to the damaging winds, hail, and tornadoes that hit many parts of our city causing severe destruction, Primera Iglesia Bautista, the First Mexican Baptist Church of Dallas, was shook with the reality of this disastrous storm. Many families in their church body were forced to move to new areas, floundering to find a new normal during the chaotic aftermath. 

Our Disaster Relief team has been in communication with Pastor Ricardo Brambila about how we can best support our neighboring church family. Since many parents couldn’t afford Christmas gifts for their children this year, we reserved some of the disaster relief funds for Christmas presents for those affected by the storms. 

On December 16, Primera Iglesia Bautista families gathered in a room adorned with Christmas decor to feast as a group of Highland Park Pres members wrapped gifts in the rooms next door. Throughout the night, Christmas music was played and the children built gingerbread houses with members of our team. This event sprouted a connection that crossed over cultural and denominational lines as we celebrated the birth of our king, Jesus! 

“This has been a huge help to the families that have been displaced by the storm,” Pastor Ricardo Brambila explained as he ushered over 200 people into the Christmas-themed dining hall. “We have been so thankful for HP Pres during this time!”

There is still a great need for help around Dallas. The best way to do that is by continuing to pray for those affected in our city and looking at the opportunities on this page. Here, you will see that we have set up a fund to assist with tornado relief in our city and service opportunities that are updated regularly.


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