End of Life Planning, Funeral, and Memorial Services

The writer of Ecclesiastes reminds us that there is a time for everything even a time to die (3:2). As much as we don’t want to think about, talk about or even plan for the end of life, it is a reality for everyone, and the church is here to help you prepare for this season of life.

At HP Pres we have staff members and professionals that can help with the conversations that are uncomfortable or difficult, for individuals and families, to discuss what this phase of life will bring, and what the personal wishes of each individual may be.

Plans can be made ahead of time for funeral or memorial services with the Congregational Life Office to ease the burden for loved ones later on with the aid of the resources listed here. Reviewing these resources ahead of time will enhance the time that you spend meeting with a Pastor or Staff member here at HP Pres, and give you time to prayerfully consider the elements that are important to your family as we celebrate life together.

If a death has occurred, HP Pres will honor the lives lived here on earth of our members as we guide families through the process, each step of the way. The documents and information below will help create a meaningful service for the family and guests as we give thanks to God for their life.

The resources listed here are a good place to start but there is always someone willing to walk with you through this season together. It is our sincere desire to offer support, care and love at a difficult time in life.

Pre-planning Resources:

Arrangements for a Service:

Columbarium InformatioN:

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