Fish and Loaves

Fish and Loaves Gift Market is a great way to honor people you love by giving gifts that make a difference in the lives of others. Last year, our members sent over 4,000 gift cards and in the process, gave $40,000 to those in need.

How does it work? You shop from the list of items such as:

  • $2 Garden seedlings for Mill City Farms
  • $5 Provide the gift of a hot meal to a guest at Austin Street Center.
  • $10 Provide a Bible to an individual seeking to know God​.
  • $15 Provide a manual to parents wanting to improve their skills.
  • $25 Provide school supplies for students in Kenya.

You then select items to be donated to those in need. We give you cards to send to family and friends to let them know what has been given in their honor.

Pick up a brochure and place your order on Sundays (through Dec. 16) in the Sanctuary Entryway (Narthex) or Children's Welcome Area (Wight Garden). Sunday orders can generally be filled while you attend a worship service and will be ready to be picked after the service. 

During the weekdays (Monday–Friday, 9 am–5 pm) brochures can be picked up and orders dropped off at the Bell Center Reception Desk. These orders are filled within 2–3 days and can be picked up at the Bell Center Reception Desk. 

Orders can also be placed ONLINE. These orders can be picked up during the week at the Bell Center Reception Desk (Monday–Friday, 9 am–5 pm or on Sundays in the Sanctuary Entryway (Narthex.)

Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me. – Matthew 25:40

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Austin Street Center

For over 30 years, Austin Street Center has specialized in caring for the most vulnerable homeless men and women in Dallas. Beyond meeting basic needs, Austin Street is committed to individualized care for each person who comes for help. They serve a hot dinner to an average of 350 people per night. A recent tally from Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance showed there was a 24 percent increase in the homeless population across Dallas over the past year. Emergency shelters are full, and a luxury building boom is limiting affordable housing development. All of these factors mean that Austin Street Center needs help now more than ever to provide meals for the vulnerable homeless of our city.

  • $2 - Lunch: Provide the gift of lunch to a guest at Austin Street Center.
  • $5 - Hot Dinner: Provide the gift of a hot meal to a guest at Austin Street Center.


ALARM stands for African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries. We believe that Africa’s problem isn’t war or poverty—it is poor leadership. With our highly qualified African staff and U.S. partners, we develop Christian servant leaders in the African Church and community who transform lives affected by conflict and injustice. Our vision is an Africa without violent tribal or religious conflict. Through 24 years of ministry in East and Central Africa—in some of the most difficult environments in the world—ALARM has directly trained more than 150,000 leaders. They, in turn, have touched more than one million lives, bringing reconciliation, transformation, and development to broken communities.

  • $10 – Bible: Provide a Bible in a local language for a Christian Leader
  • $15 – Help Release a Child from Prison: Provide legal aid to children falsely accused.


ARK (Adults Relating to Kids) helps parents better love and connect with their children and teens through the power of unconditional love in Christ Jesus. The ARK program is structured like a peer mentor support group with an educational component. Parents and caregivers come together weekly to watch a brief video lesson on an aspect of parenting and then gather around to problem solve and encourage one another in dealing with common, and often difficult, parenting problems. The ARK for Parents program is in English and Spanish and is used by churches, Dallas non-profits, schools, and the Police Department PAL Program in underserved neighborhoods and international communities.

  • $15 – Parents Manual: Provide a manual to parents wanting to improve their skills.
  • $20 – Groceries or Supplies: Provide groceries for those in need.


Highland Park Pres has been in a Sister-Church Partnership with two Cuban congregations since 1999. The ministry has grown to partner with a third church and numerous new church plants. HP Pres has taken more than 100 church members to Cuba. These volunteers have helped to plant more than 25 house churches and in doing so, have supported 25 missionaries, aided in the building of three churches, and have provided assistance to a local seminary. Our goal in partnership is to come alongside the Cuban church and help them with their vision in reaching Cuba for Christ by meeting the spiritual and material needs of the Cuban church as God leads and provides.

  • $10 – Bible: Provide a Bible to an individual seeking to know God​.
  • $30 – Church Planter: Provide the monthly funding for a church planter.

Dunbar Elementary School

HP Pres partners with Dunbar Elementary and Dallas Leadership Foundation in providing resources, encouragement, and hope to both students and teachers. Dunbar is in a low income community located in a neighborhood south of Dallas called Mill City near Fair Park. Our relationship with Dunbar is part of an overall vision to transform this community through empowering those living in the neighborhood. One of our goals is to come alongside the teachers to encourage them in an often thankless job. We also look to start a reading buddy program in early 2019 to help increase the overall reading levels of the students.

  • $6 – New Library Book: Provide the gift of learning with a new book.
  • $10 – Teacher Appreciation Gift: Provide the gift of encouragement to a teacher.

Hope For Lebanon

Home of Hope, founded in 1999 by the Lebanese Evangelical Society, aids the large number of mistreated children in Lebanon. The majority of the children come to the orphanage having experienced violence, abuse, and neglect. Many of them are street children who have been forced to beg or steal to bring in money. Other children come from situations such as sex trafficking, drug experimentation, and even human organ trafficking. One of the primary needs is to be able to provide healthy, nutritious, and protein-filled meals for the 75+ children that call the orphanage home. Most days they cannot afford any type of meat for even one meal. Additionally, the orphanage needs educational and stimulating toys for children at all ages of development. Hot Meal

  • $3 – Hot Meal: Provide a hot meal for an orphaned child.
  • $20 – Educational Toy: Provide an educational toy to help a child improve learning skills​.


This school began in 2004 as a result of a study commissioned by HP Pres members Clyde and Betsy Jackson. They learned that 98% of the girls in the area do not have educational opportunities and most are forced into marriage at the ages of 14-15. An education changes the lives of these young girls who can now dream of becoming lawyers, accountants, doctors, or anything. The school is seeking funding for the academic education for young women in the Imbirikani area of Kenya.

  • $20 – School Supplies Provide much-needed school supplies to students.
  • $750 – Year of Schooling and Housing: Provide a year of housing and schooling to a young girl.


Mill City is a low income neighborhood in South Dallas where HP Pres, alongside our partners Dallas Leadership Foundation and the Mill City Community Association, are working toward a vision to see community transform through empowering those living in the neighborhood for generations to come. One of our goals is to help the Community Association in building and creating a community farm and garden where neighbors will learn about healthy living in a safe environment that not only enriches the mind but the body and soul as well.

  • $2 –Garden Seedlings: Provision of a seedling will help in growing healthy food 
  • $20 – Rabbit & Hen Shelters: Providing materials will help the farm in its overall goal to reach their neighbors


RO’s Children & Youth Programs work to build safe and trusting relationships with the children and their families in the East Dallas community. RO provides after school programs, youth programing, and summer camps. The foundation of RO believes that through education and discipleship, children and adults can be empowered to look beyond the limits that society holds.

  • $2 –After School Snack: Provide a child with a healthy snack 
  • $50 – Camp Scholarship: Provide a scholarship for summer camp

Samaritan's Purse

For over 40 years, Samaritan’s Purse has done its utmost to follow Christ’s command by coming to the aid of the world’s poor, sick, and suffering. They reach hurting people around the world with food, medicine, and other assistance in the name of Jesus Christ. They respond immediately to domestic and international disasters to help desperate families–many of whom have lost everything. An emergency kit helps a hurting family and will meet their needs today, give them hope for tomorrow, and reach out to them with the love of Christ.

  • $45 – Disaster Relief Kit Provide a family with emergency supplies after a disaster.