Jesus said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”  Mark 16:15 

HP Pres partners with missionaries, agencies and churches across the globe in order to extend the kingdom to the ends of the earth.



Massive numbers of Iranians have come to Jesus in recent years! From only 500 Muslim-background believers in 1979, many estimates suggest the number is even greater than 1 million just in Iran alone. Large numbers of Persian people have also encountered the risen Christ outside of Iran. The Church in Persia has not grown this fast since the 7th century. In Iran, a person can receive a death sentence for apostasy (abandoning religious faith). This growth is a remarkable move of the Holy Spirit, with many signs and wonders, dreams and visions.

Pars Theology

Pars was founded in 2010 by an interdenominational team of Iranian pastors and theologians who dreamt of a hub for deep, holistic and contextual leadership training for Iran.Spiritually mature servant-leaders we are developed to cultivate communities to bring the light of God’s presence to Iran and across the Persian world.

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The Outreach Foundation

Sasan Tavassoli is a former Shi’ite Muslim from Iran. In 1985, Sasan can to faith in Christ as the result of the ministry of a group of American missionaries while he was living in Europe. He is an ordained Presbyterian minister and has been involved in ministry within the Iranian communities in the US as a pastor, teach and theologian for the past two decades.

Abrahams Bridge

Abrahams Bridge (formerly IFAR) was founded by HP Pres members, Kurt & Dolores Richardson. It is an academic philanthropy work among the Jewish, Christian, Muslim communities of our world. Christian participants’ chief concern is to encourage the academic and professional study of the gospel. Abrahams Bridge is confident in this path-breaking work as the gospel wins over its conversation partners. 

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Pray for Iran

Learn More

Learn more about Iran in the documentary by David Garrison below.

Watch "Sheep Among Wolves"



HP Pres has been partnering with churches in Cuba for over 20 years.  The people of Cuba continue to be very open to the gospel and the churches are growing!  We partner with churches in Ciego and Las Tunas in their church planting efforts and church ministries.  We also partner with Proclaim Cuba in their evangelistic crusades and ministries.

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Frontier Fellowship

Frontier Fellowship

Of the 7.8 billion people alive today, more than two billion have never heard of Jesus. That reality compels us to engage the world’s least-reached places, supporting efforts to establish local churches that can proclaim the Good News of God’s Kingdom to their communities and beyond. We long to see all people, from every distinct group on earth, encounter the grace of God and become thriving expressions of the Body of Christ in their unique contexts.

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Haiti Outreach Ministries

Haiti Outreach Ministries

For nearly 30 years, Haiti Outreach Ministries has been sharing the message of God’s goodness with the people of Haiti through evangelism, education, and medical care. Founding Director Leon Dorleans began preaching in Cite Soleil, one of the poorest slums in Port-au-Prince, in 1989 on a narrow street under tarps with raw sewage running in a ditch directly alongside. Despite the destitute conditions, Pastor Leon’s congregation grew as people responded to his preaching of the Word and his steadfast belief that God was with them in the face of extreme hardship. Pastor Leon’s vision was to address the spiritual, educational, and healthcare needs of the residents of Cite Soleil.

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Inspire Spaces

HP Pres member and previous staff member, Fred Ndavi, grew up in a small village in Kenya, where a complete education was available to only the highest-performing students with the financial means to afford it. As one of the privileged few, Fred completed high school and went on to attend college at Dallas Baptist University in the United States. 

Across Kenya, young people lack the basic resources necessary to continue their education past primary school, making it nearly impossible for them to pursue a life beyond their present circumstances. Inspire Spaces is disrupting the cycles of scarcity by empowering young people to reach their dreams and give back to their communities.

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Neema-Huruma (Kenya)

HP Pres members, Betsy & Clyde Jackson, founded and built the Imbirikani Girls High School in 2004.  

Their research showed that about 98% of the girls in this area do not have educational opportunities past the Primary Schools (usually ages 6 years to 14 years). Therefore, most of these young women enter into early marriages at 14 or 15 years of age and are subjected to a life of child bearing, hard physical labor and many times gentile mutilation by custom. With the promise of continuing education, these girls can have a hope for a more promising future.  

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International Justice Mission

IJM is an international organization focused on human rights, law and law enforcement. Founded in 1997 by lawyer Gary Haugen.  All IJM employees are practicing Christians and 94% of the staff are nationals of the countries they work in.  IJM works to combat sex trafficking,  child sexual assault, cybersex trafficking, forced labor slavery, property grabbing, police abuse of power and addresses citizenship rights of minorities. The bulk of IJM's work focuses on sex trafficking.  IJM's close coordination with third-world police agencies and the resulting arrests and deportations of sex workers have generated criticism from human rights and sex worker organizations over its mission and tactics. 

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Langham Partners

Langham Partners

In 1969 John Stott founded the Langham Trust to fund scholarships for young evangelical leaders from the Majority World. Recipients would study at British universities, working toward doctorates in biblical and theological fields and then returning to teach in seminaries in their home countries. Those who received scholarship funding became known as Langham Scholars, a worldwide family that has now grown to well over 300. 

HP Pres currently supports Langham Scholar,  Gerardo Corpeño from El Salvador (serving in Guatemala). He is pursuing his PhD at Wheaton College. (His thesis is focused on the social significance of the cross for Latin America, especially related to reconciliation.) When he completes his PhD, he will return to Guatemala and resume training pastors at Latin America Theology at Central America Theological Seminary in Guatemala City (where he served before beginning his PhD). 

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