Imbirikani, Kenya

HP Pres partners with the Neema-Huruma Foundation through financial support and sending an annual mission trip to lead a pastoral training conference and assist with their Summer Bible School for children.

The mission statement of the Neema-Huruma Foundation is to provide funding for:

  • Academic Education for young women in the Imbirikani area of Kenya
  • Practical and theological training for Indigenous Pastors and Elders
  • Building churches in Kenya
  • Trade school education for young people in the area

The Imbirikani Girls High School began in 2004 as a result of a study commissioned by Clyde and Betsy Jackson to investigate the educational needs of Maasai children living in the Imbirikani Group Ranch area of southwest Kenya. Because 98% of girls in this area do not have educational opportunities after primary school, most young women enter into early marriages (ages 14-15) and are subjected to a life of child bearing and hard physical labor. With the promise of continuing education, these girls can have hope for a more promising future.

The Imbirikani Group Ranch Managing Committee agreed to grant 50 acres for the purpose of building a secondary school for girls. The first phase of the school, which consisted of dormitory space, classrooms, teachers’ houses, a kitchen, and other related facilities, was completed in early 2006, and the Imbirikani Girls High School, which is owned and operated by the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA), opened with 40 students. Over the past several years, additional dormitories, dining hall, kitchens, teacher housing, water tanks, and related facilities have been constructed, giving the school the capacity for 300 students. In 2008, an additional facility for mission teams was constructed to provide accommodations for mission teams.

A multi-purpose building that serves as a chapel, dining hall, and assembly room and a university-level computer lab and science building contribute to making the Imbirikani Girls High School an excellent college-preparatory secondary school, and the provider of the education that is desperately needed by the young women of the Maasai tribe and other tribes. Parents from as far away as Kisumu, Nairobi, and Mombasa are sending their daughters now to IGS for its reputation for excellent academics and Godly character building.

Get Involved

Here are some ways you can be involved with Imbirikani:

Give to the Imbirikani, Kenya Ministry

To get involved with Imbirikani, Kenya, contact Judi Wheeler, Director of Missions, at 214-525-4237.

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