2020 Officer Nominees

Congregational Meeting–Postponed

The Congregational Meeting scheduled for Sunday, March 29, to vote to install a slate of elders and deacons that have been recommended by the Officer Nominating Committee has been postponed. The rescheduled date will be announced with 3 weeks notice.

Governing Elder Nominees

David Martin

David has been a member of HP Pres for four years. He has served in the HP Pres Young Adults community, Alpha, and engaged in small groups. David also partners with Advocates for Community Transformation (ACT), St. Philip’s School, and serves as a board member for the Mill City Community Association.

Margaret Nderitu

Margaret has been a member of HP Pres for 12 years. She is married and has one adult child. She is a deacon and leads a small Bible study group in the community. She has attended the Bible Study Fellowship for the last five years where she has grown in her faith immensely. She is also a member of the All Nations Worship Choir.

Reid Slaughter 

Reid grew up at HP Pres. He and his wife, Donna, have two kids: a daughter, Story, and a son, Yale. He has served as a Sunday class teacher, Student Ministry Moderator, College Ministry Moderator, Communications Moderator, Ascent Men’s Bible Study leader, Worship Committee, and he leads mission trips to Cuba each year. His film/video production company frequently produces videos for HP Pres initiatives. 

Ashley Smith

Ashley has been a member of HP Pres for over 40 years. She is married with four children. Ashley has been a Sunday class teacher, served on the Officer Nominating Committee, was a teacher for Women in The Word, and is currently a teacher for the Anchor. Ashley has also taught VBS for many years and is serving as a mentor for Confirmation. She serves on the board for Inspire Spaces and ARK (Adults Relating to Kids) and also teaches a parenting class for ARK at Brother Bill’s Helping Hand.

Jennifer Tollett

Jennifer has been a member of HP Pres for 45 years. She is married with two adult children. Jennifer has served on several committees from Early Childhood to Students over the years and is a reserve deacon and elder. Jennifer also leads the Precepts Bible Study. For over 30 years she has been with the Sunday morning prayer group, praying for our church and congregation.

Power (Qing) Zhao

Power has been a member of the HP Pres Chinese Church Plant for over six years. He is married to Christina with two teenage daughters, Grace and Faith. In addition to leading the elder committee for the Chinese Church Plant, he initiated Family Fellowship and is currently active as a group lead. 

Deacon Nominees

Martha Lou Beaird

Martha Lou has been a member of HP Pres for over 55 years. She has served as a Circle Bible Study Leader, Elliott Class officer, was co-chair of Forward By Faith, and has participated in several overseas mission trips. She is currently a member of the Disaster Relief Team, Anchor Bible Study, and the Sunday morning prayer group. Martha Lou is also an active member of The Council For Life.

Cheryl Cable

Cheryl has been a member of HP Pres for over 25 years. She is married with two adult, married children and has two grandchildren. In addition to being a reserve deacon, Cheryl has taught Sunday classes, volunteered at VBS, served on the Women’s Ministry Committee, and organized a women’s mentoring program. She currently volunteers in childcare, VBS, and the International Student Fellowship and continues to develop relationships that were started in the mentoring program.

Cissy Detcheva

Cissy has been attending HP Pres for 10 years. She has an 11-year-old daughter, Zoe. In addition to being a reserve teacher for the 5th grade Sunday class, she has served as Early Childhood volunteer, Highland Kid’s teacher, New Member Class volunteer, and International Friendship Program partner.

Glenn Gantt

Glenn has been a member of HP Pres for 16 years. He and his wife, Kami, have two sons in fourth and fifth grade. He has been a part of the First Sunday Usher Team for the past nine years, served as a Sunday class teacher for kindergarten, and helped with the poinsettia delivery team for the Congregational Life’s Homebound Ministry. He has been active as a youth sports coach in the Lake Highlands area.

Jill Hickey

Jill has been a member of HP Pres for two years. She is married to Hal, and they have two married, adult sons. Jill has been a Bible class teacher for many years, is currently a member of a small group, and volunteers with the Women’s ministry. In addition, she serves Starting Point as a table host ensuring prospective new members are welcomed. She currently is a part of the vision team for the Lake Highlands Church Plant.

Hayden Hodges

Hayden grew up at HP Pres. He and his wife, Erin, were married in the Sanctuary and have three young daughters. Hayden has participated in Highland Kid's, Students, College, Young Adults, and Adult ministries. He has been involved with mission trips, various Bible studies, new member classes, Sunday classes, and HP Pres Leadership Cohort. Hayden has been active in Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Christian Legal Society at SMU Dedman School of Law, and various committees with Moody Family YMCA.

Tessa Hubbard

Tessa was baptized and raised at HP Pres. She and her husband, Russ, were married in the Sanctuary, and God has graciously given them two spicy boys. Tessa has been a part of VBS, Student Sunday classes, Treasure Keepers, various mission trips, and has been mentored in the Women’s ministry. Tessa is currently the teacher of Oasis and is part of the Tradition Volunteer team.

Davin Hunt

Davin grew up attending HP Pres and has been a member for over 20 years. He is married to a fellow lifelong HP Pres member, Anne Lindsey, and they have have two young children aged two and three. Davin is currently active on the Board of The Day School, and he and his wife participate in Re|Engage. In addition, Davin is involved with Communities in Schools of Dallas and The American Red Cross.

Troy King

Troy has been a member at HP Pres for the past five years after relocating to Dallas from Charlotte, NC with his wife, Andrea, and three girls. Troy has been active in Highland Kid's as a Sunday class teacher and has enjoyed serving as part of the Start Here committee with his family. Troy is a participant of the Ascent Men’s Bible study and attends regular small group gatherings.

Valerie Krause

Valerie has been a member at HP Pres for 48 years. She is married to Kent, and they have four adult children and twin granddaughters. In addition to being a reserve deacon, she has served as a Sunday class teacher, on the Children’s Committee, several nominating committees, is a lecturer and small group facilitator for Women in the Word, and traveled on several mission trips. She is currently serving on the board for ARK, facilitating a small group at Brother Bill’s Helping Hand, serving as a Reading Buddy for Dunbar Elementary, leading an interdenominational small group, and supporting Redeemed Women.

Peter Kruger

Peter has been a member of HP Pres for four years. He and his wife, Bess, have two young children, Glenn and Alice. Before moving to Dallas from Jackson, MS, he was a member and served at First Presbyterian Church of Jackson. Peter is currently serving at Body and Soul and is a part of the Ascent Men's Bible study. He also serves as an Early Childhood Sunday class teacher and Usher.

Samuel Mamo

Samuel is married to Irene and is a father of two young adults. He is currently serving in hospitality ministry in our All Nations community.

Kyle Matthiesen

Kyle has been a lifelong HP Pres member. He is married and has two young boys. He serves as an Early Childhood Sunday class teacher and is an active member of the 30s/40s class. Kyle also supports the Lake Highlands Area Young Life organization.

Ashley Morriss

Ashley has been a member of HP Pres since childhood. She and her husband, Marcus, have two children, Carl and Ruthie. Ashley and Marcus regularly teach their children's Sunday classes, are active in the 30’s/40’s Sunday community, and have been in the same small group for over seven years. Ashley currently serves as a member of the Campus Vision Task Force and has been a leader at VBS, Treasure Keepers, and in the Women’s ministry.

Annie Muiruri

Annie has been a member at HP Pres for over nine years. She is married to Samuel and has two boys, ages five and seven. She actively serves in All Nations as a liaison and is a leadership committee member. Annie is currently active as a volunteer leader for the All Nations service.

Babs Murphy

Babs has been a member of HP Pres for four years. Before becoming a member, Babs was a regular visitor for many years. She and her husband, Roland, have two adult children. She previously was a member of Canyon Creek Presbyterian where she taught Sunday school, was a VBS leader, and active in the Women’s ministry. She participated in a church plant by HP Pres many years ago. Since becoming a member, she has been active in the Mission’s Circle and belongs to the Westminster Sunday school class.

Anne Njuguna

Anne has been a member of HP Pres for over 10 years. For the past eight years, she has been in charge of All Nations communications, including Sunday announcements and visitor recognition. Anne serves as the All Nations Moderator and on the short-term All Nations Transition Committee. Anne actively participates in Community Bible Studies, and other community activities. Outside of her regular work, Anne loves to participate in mission work—local and international. She is also a volunteer member of the board for Inspire Spaces.

Christie Reniger

Christie has been a member of HP Pres for over 20 years. She is married to John and has one adult child. She recently graduated with a Certificate in General Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. She serves as a Confirmation mentor, Anchor table leader, Start Here volunteer and Co-Moderator for the Prayer Room.

Tana Roberts

Tana has been a member of HP Pres for five years. She is married to Tim, and they have three children: Ella, Luke, and Mary. She has served in the Highland Kids and Early Childhood classrooms over the years. She is currently active as a Sunday class teacher and Start Here volunteer.

Tim Roberts

Tim has been a member of HP Pres the last 5 years. He is married to Tana Roberts and enjoys the chaos that comes with raising their three kids (Ella, Luke, and Mary). He serves with Highland Kids, teaching in both the kindergarten and elementary classrooms on a recurring basis, and attends Ascent Men’s Bible study. 

Darren Roegner

Darren started attending HP Pres while he was a student at SMU and has been a member for 20 years. He and his wife, Kristina, have three children. Darren has served on several committees throughout his time at the church and has been a missionary in Spain and Germany. Currently, he is serving on Wednesday nights with Highland Kids.

Sarah Sargent

Sarah has been a member of HP Pres for four years, though her roots at HP Pres began on a Jamaica mission trip in 2000. She and her husband, Jim, have four sons. Sarah has taught Sunday classes, led VBS, and served on the Worship Committee. Sarah and Jim currently serve as a Re|Engage leaders.

Maddox Womble

Maddox has been a member at HP Pres for over 35 years and grew up going to the church. Maddox and his wife, Natalie, have a daughter, Lilly, and are expecting another baby in May. Within the last three years, Maddox has grown in his faith being involved with Young Adults, a small group, and Alpha.

Katherine Wyker

Katherine is a fourth-generation member of HP Pres. She is married to her husband, Austin. Katherine is on the Care Team in the Women’s ministry. She also works for a non-profit private foundation, is actively involved with Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center, and serves as a board member of Equest.

Officer Nominating Committee

Each year, the Officer Nominating Committee (ONC) is elected by the congregation and is comprised of various elders, deacons, and members of the church. The ONC then accepts recommendations from the congregation for the offices of elder and deacon. The ONC then nominates people for these positions, and the congregation votes on these nominees.

The 2019–20 Officer Nominating Committee consists of (pictured left to right): Erin Walsh, Ted Munselle, Vance Shull, Beth Williams, Susanna Ogden (Vice Moderator), Carrie Davidson, and Chris Carr. Not pictured: Bob Glasgow (Moderator) and Emily Ruth Louis.