Recommend An Officer

Each year, the Officer Nominating Committee (ONC) is elected by the congregation and is comprised of various elders, deacons, and members of the church. The ONC then accepts recommendations from the congregation for the offices of elder and deacon. The ONC then nominates people for these positions, and the congregation votes on these nominees.

Recommendations for elders and deacons can be made beginning Sunday, Oct. 27–Thursday, Dec. 12.

Recommend someone for elder or deacon

The 2019-20 Officer Nominating Committee consists of (pictured left to right): Erin Walsh, Ted Munselle, Vance Shull, Beth Williams, Susanna Ogden (Vice Moderator), Carrie Davidson, and Chris Carr. Not pictured: Bob Glasgow (Moderator) and Emily Ruth Louis.

Recommendations for elders and deacons can be made beginning Sunday, Oct. 27–Sunday, Dec. 8.

Recommend someone for elder or deacon

Whom Should I Recommend?

Elders: Men and women committed to fulfilling the role of an Elder including investing the time needed to serve. They are regarded by fellow Christ followers as possessing the essential components of an Elder in the areas of character, courage, calling and competence. Competence is essential in the spiritual gifts of discernment, wisdom, teaching and leadership. The presence of other gifts such as administration, encouragement and mercy greatly enhance Elder effectiveness. Candidates for Elder must be willing to submit to the principles of governance adopted by the Session.

2020 Elder Criteria

Deacons: Men and women who are compassionate, dependable, good communicators, and caring listeners; people who have contributed to another’s Christian spiritual growth by sharing joys and sorrows and providing encouragement and help; people who are committed to building community in our church and are dedicated to the concept of servant leadership: people who are enthusiastic about the opportunity to interact with our many members, some of whom have acute and critical needs.

2020 Deacon Criteria