Our Family of Churches:
Peak Street Church

A Jesus Church For
The Flourishing of The City

We are committed to seeing every generation become transformed followers of Jesus for the flourishing of our city and beyond, and the best ways to reach new Christ-followers is through the multiplying of new churches. Introducing Peak Street Church, in the heart of East Dallas.


Where is Peak Street Church?

Peak Street Church is in Old East Dallas, at the corner of Peak and Bryan Street. 4301 Bryan Street, #201, Dallas, TX 75204

When does Peak Street Church Launch?

Peak Street Church's first worship gathering is taking place Sunday, September 9. More details to come.

Pre-Launch Prayer Night: Sunday, August 12

Kingdom Come is a strategic prayer gathering for the Lead Team and friends of Peak St Church. Join us as we seek the lord in prayer for this church and our city.

Pray With Us

Why Plant Churches?

A Renewed Vision for Church Planting

"By God’s grace Peak Street Church will be a Jesus Church for the flourishing of our city. And we believe the flourishing of our city begins with flourishing of our neighborhood. This means that we want to follow Jesus on his mission of loving people and places to life in East Dallas. We want to reach the cynic and the skeptic, the burned out and the bored, with the hope of the Gospel. We want to focus on relationships and the hospitality of Christ. In sum, we want to be a neighborhood church for those who aren’t yet in church. And that’s going to take all of us investing in this endeavor in some way." - Cameron Beaty, Church Planter in Residence

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