Dziu & Garrick Roegner


Garrick and Dziu serve as Spanish National Student Led Movements Directors for Cru, leading a national staff team reaching university students in Granada, Málaga, Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona and beyond. Their goal is to raise up student leaders to go and reach the world, starting with the 80 universities in Spain. They also work locally in Granada reaching students, winning them to Christ, building them up in their faith, and sending them out to make an impact in the world. In Granada, they explain the good news of the Gospel through building Christian community, hospitality, Alpha groups, and empowering Christian students to becoma a part of The Great Commission. Garrick also serves on the national leadership team helping to set direction and vision for Cru in Spain. Cru in Spain, has around 70 staff serving in 8 cities in ministries to athletes, youth, families, pilgrims, children, immigrants, global needs, and churches. Spain is a postmodern country with less than a 1% population of Protestant/Evangelicals and where less than 20% consider themselves practicing Catholics. Yet, God is at work in drawing people to his love.

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