Transforming our City and the World

Special Giving specifically supports initiatives of our local and global outreach partners that are not part of our general operating budget. They present a way for our church family to sacrificially give above and beyond their normal tithes and offerings to our annual ministry budget.

Near: Urban Special Giving Opportunities

Peak Street Church
Peak Street Church was planted by HP Pres in September of 2018, and it is committed to seeing every generation become transformed followers of Jesus for the flourishing of our city and beyond. Your gifts support the ongoing ministry taking place in East Dallas.

Give to Peak Street Church

All Nations Health Fund
All Nations Community members often lack access to affordable health care. Gifts are used to guide and support those with medically and financially significant issues and related expenses.

Give to All Nations Health Fund

Bonton Farms
Our volunteering investment in the South Dallas community of Bonton is expanded by gifts that fund animal feed, seeds, and farm supplies as well as offering extra educational and training opportunities for Bridgebuilders program participants.

Give to Bonton Farms

Church Planting
This program identifies catalytic leaders and small worshipping communities in order to plant churches in the Dallas area. Designated funds are used for planters’ living, ministry, and training expenses.

Give to Church Planting

Hillier School Scholarships
Your gifts provide much-needed scholarships for students and funds for teacher enrichment. The Hillier School provides a Christ-centered atmosphere with special curriculum and teaching methods for students with learning differences.

Give to Hillier School Scholarships

Reconciliation Outreach Youth
Reconciliation Outreach aims to reverse the cycle of inner-city poverty and addiction, restore hope, and reconcile people to God and to each other. Gifts are used to support youth programs and summer camps.

Give to Reconciliation Outreach Youth

Student Missions
Missions are deep within our DNA. Students should experience the joy of serving without financial barriers prohibiting their participation. Funds subsidize the mission trips to make them affordable for anyone to participate.

Give to Student Missions

Urban Justice Ministry
Partners such as Advocates for Community Transformation (ACT) empower and encourage inner-city residents to combat neighborhood crime. Designated gifts support these local ministries directly and fund educational and engagement opportunities about local justice at HP Pres.

Give to Urban Justice Ministry

Urban Special Projects
Designated gifts will allow the Urban Team to further support missions of local churches and ministry in Dallas. These gifts will promote justice and mercy to reach the suffering with spiritual, social, and economic initiatives and programs.

Give to Urban Special Projects

Far: Domestic & World Special Giving Opportunities

Cuba Church Partnership
Designated gifts support program, project, or construction expenses of sister churches in Las Tunas, Ciego de Avila, Aeropuerto, and Cespedes.

Give to Cuba Church Partnership

Disaster Relief
Funds are used to relieve human suffering and are distributed to researched projects of our ministry partners. In case of large scale disasters the World Relief Team uses designated funds to relieve suffering in affected areas.

Give to Disaster Relief

Project Haiti
We partner with a ministry that strives to meet the physical, educational, and spiritual needs of the many communities in Port-au-Prince. Gifts are used for building projects and humanitarian aid.

Give to Project Haiti

Imbirikani Girls School
Designated gifts will provide 11 Presbyterian churches in the Loitoktok Mission Area with resources, funding, and materials for discipleship, evangelism, and leadership training.

Give to Imbirikani Girls School

Justice Ministry Dominican Republic
We have partnered with International Justice Mission (IJM) to fund efforts to rescue and rehabilitate young girls from the sex slave industry in the Dominican Republic. IJM also works with local authorities to prosecute the offenders.

Give to Justice Ministry Dominican Republic

Missionary Support
We support over 35 missionaries who are serving faith-based organizations in 20 countries. Gifts help missionaries with personal needs, needs outside of their working budget, or funds their agency cannot send in times of crises.

Give to Missionary Support

Njuthine Community Project
Designated gifts support renovation and expansion of the medical clinic and purchase of medicines. Gifts also assist the Njuthine Primary School with student scholarships that enable students to attend high school.

Give to Njuthine Community Project

World Outreach Special Projects
Special project funds allow the World Mission Team to support mission projects of our partners working throughout the world. They also give our World Mission ministry teams additional resources for evangelism, community development, or special needs of our missionaries.

Give to World Outreach Special Projects

Highlander Concert Series
The Highlander Concert Series is funded entirely through the generosity of our patrons and audiences who come from all around the metroplex. Become a patron today and join in the mission to bring great music and musicians to the community. A variety of giving levels are tailored to suit every budget and contributions are tax-deductible.

Give to Highlander Concert Series

Questions About Special Giving?