Meet Our Team

Jay Lee

Executive Pastor

Senior Leadership Team

Rev. Dr. Jay Lee is the Executive Pastor at Highland Park Pres. Jay grew up in Seoul, Korea, the home of the 1988 Summer Olympic Games. He can still recall the sights and sounds of the bustling metropolis during the exciting event. When describing Seoul, he compares it to foreign lands such as Mexico City, Istanbul, and upper New Jersey (Jay considers the east coast "foreign") combined with lots of street vendors, pedestrians and night life.

His parents moved to Texas when he was 10 years old. Some people might call the transition a culture shock, but he viewed it as an exciting new adventure. Not speaking a word of English, he had to learn a whole new dialect -- Texan! It's in West Texas where Jay fell in love with fishing, hunting and football. He didn't think it was humanly possible to practice out in the Texas heat, mid-August, twice a day but playing high school football gave him a new perspective in life. The game also provided him with instant friendships - something that Jay longed for and is also the philosophy of his ministry.

After Jay graduated from Richardson High School, his next journey took him to a university that was merely seven miles from home. He was hoping to mingle with the brainiacs on the east coast or hit the beaches on the west, but instead, Jay stayed in Dallas and attended Southern Methodist University.

Upon graduation he considered real estate and investment banking, but ended up as a consultant at Accenture. Jay enjoyed traveling to different parts of the country but also had a difficult time maintaining meaningful relationships. It was during this time in his corporate career that his love for serving Christ got stronger. Seeking God's will for his life, Jay felt led to go to seminary. His intent was to receive a theological education but not go into full-time vocational ministry. His criterion when deciding where to go was based on sports. Which seminary had the best collegiate sports team in America? Jay chose Duke Divinity School at Duke University and a couple of years later, he graduated with a Master of Divinity degree.

While studying at seminary, God gave Jay a desire to connect the next generation of young adults with the local church. In 2002, Jay's journey at HPPC began.

During his time at seminary, Jay met Lee Sun, a New Jersey native who was also studying for her M.Div at Princeton Theological Seminary. Jay fell in love with her and their shared passion for missional discipleship and local and global missions and in June 2003, after two years of dating long-distance, they were married and have since been blessed with their four beautiful children Julius, Mia, Isaiah and Anna.

Some of Jay's favorite hobbies include finding off the beaten path restaurants, coaching his children's sports teams, watching Ultimate Fighting Championship, fishing and playing volleyball.