Meet Our Team

Zack House

Director of Communications


Zack House has been serving on the staff at Highland Park Presbyterian Church since 2008, and as the Director of Communications at Highland Park Pres since 2013. He is passionate about sharing the story of Jesus Christ and his followers with Dallas and the world by supporting the mission, vision, values, and ministries of Highland Park Presbyterian Church through creative and strategic communications that unify HP Pres' congregation and transforms people for the glory of God.

His favorite thing about working at Highland Park Pres is the rewarding experience of being part of the lives that are being transformed by Christ through the church. Working in the Communications Ministry allows him to play a small part in radical moments in people's lives.

Zack married his wife Bethany in 2009, and in 2016 they welcomed their son Riker into into the world. Zack describes himself as "a giant geek” and has said that if there’s a nerdy hobby out there, he’s probably into it. If you want to be friends with him, invite him over for a board game night.

Favorite scripture: Acts 17:22-30