Meet Our Team

Sterling White

Director of Connections


Sterling is a Dallasite born and raised, and was baptized as a baby at Highland Park Pres. That being said, being a third generation of the church, Sterling never imagined God would call her back to her roots.

After battling depression, God opened Sterling’s eyes to the good news of Jesus and his faithfulness and purpose for her life. From there, Sterling felt called to ministry and sharing this good news with other and she went on to a discipleship training program and then led a discipleship ministry in Oklahoma for 4 years. Then, Sterling did an internship with Student Ministry at a local church. After college, Sterling took a job with a consulting firm as a recruiter. While at the consulting firm, Sterling worked alongside of HP Pres member and slowly but surely, God started weaving HP Pres back into the conversation.

Sterling is passionate about helping people love and grow in their relationship with Jesus. Sterling’s focus within her residency is with small groups. Before being a pastoral resident, Sterling was the director of 5th & 6th grade ministry for 3 years at the church.

Sterling received her undergrad from University of Oklahoma (Boomer!) and is currently a seminary student at Fuller Seminary.

In her spare time, she enjoys cheering on her marathon running husband, Steve with their pup, Trout. Together, they love spending time with friends, having game nights and going camping.