Met By Grace

Forced into attending a mission trip over her summer plans, 11-year-old Kay Rachal (on right) found herself frustrated as her mom pushed her to get involved at church. Little did she know, her life would be transformed through this experience. While serving the people of San Antonio, Kay’s heart began to soften. Through the final night prayer stations, serving, and worship events, Kay’s eyes were opened to the good news of Jesus. She reaffirmed her commitment to Christ and was... Read More
Posted by Communications Ministry at 8/15/18
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The Impact of Generosity

I just had a chance to watch Jurassic World, the latest in the Jurassic Park series of movies. In it, several dinosaurs escape containment on their tiny island, paving the way for years of follow-up blockbuster sequels. As I watched the movie, a word kept flashing through my mind. That word was impact. Running into a hungry T-Rex would certainly impact my life, but thankfully I don't have to worry about that because of another impact that took place a long time... Read More
Posted by Communications Ministry at 8/13/18
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Feed the Body, Feed the Soul

The line starts forming early Saturday morning at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in downtown Dallas. Hungry men and women patiently wait for the basement door to open as they anticipate the hearty and hot breakfast that will be served up inside. For the last 20 years, volunteers from HP Pres have come not just to prepare a meal for many of the homeless people in our city, but to try to satisfy a hunger of the heart by sharing the Gospel too.... Read More
Posted by Communications Ministry at 8/9/18
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The Storybook Bible

Have you ever wondered why the Bible is filled with far more stories than instructions? Why instead of offering bullet point directions on how to find God, the Bible recounts the lives of those who have actually encountered God’s presence?  We’re given Moses’ life-altering detour at the burning bush rather than just an instruction to “turn aside and draw near;” Joshua’s shocking encounter with the commander of the Lord’s army rather than only a... Read More
Posted by Communications Ministry at 8/9/18
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Growth Pathway

I need to confess. I’m one of those people so proud of having 20/20 vision. I can read signs from a far distance. I gloat over reading 8-point font. But this summer, my vision started getting a little blurry. Am I getting old? Naaah. Most of us drop by the eye doctor periodically to get our eyes examined. Most of us need a little correction, or perhaps a lot, from time to time. Whether you wear contacts, glasses, or both, you know how wonderful it is to get some help with... Read More
Posted by Communications Ministry at 8/2/18
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How He Loves

Growing up, Michael was involved in church. He became familiar enough with the Christian culture to hide that his faith was non-existent. As a college freshman, church was low on his priority list. He found satisfaction in his successful grades and new girlfriend.  A sudden break-up started to crack the foundation of Michael’s identity. Anxiety and depression overcame him as he struggled to make it to class. Soon, absences stacked up and forced him to withdraw from school for the... Read More
Posted by Communications Ministry at 8/1/18
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Build A House Upon The Rock

Building a house requires a lot of intricate detail. From the laying of foundation, to putting up the walls, to sheltering the space with a roof, every piece of the process is crucial. Over the course of one week, our Highland Park Pres team sought to tackle this task. This multigenerational group partnered with Mission Emanuel in the Dominican Republic to transform a family’s life by providing them a home. This family had been praying for five years that God would provide—their... Read More
Posted by Communications Ministry at 7/26/18
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The God Who is God

One of my favorite parts of helping lead Starting Point , our three-week-course for getting connected at and becoming a Covenant Partner of HP Pres, is when we have people share their story of God's work in their life. Now, some of you might be getting sweaty palms and dry mouth just thinking about this! “You have to share what?” So let me reassure you a little: we give everyone a week to think through and write out their story on their own first. We tell them it’s... Read More
Posted by Communications Ministry at 7/26/18
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The True King Has Landed: A Renewed Vision For Church Planting

In his classic introduction to the Christian Faith, C.S. Lewis makes this bold claim: “Christianity is the true story of how the rightful King has landed, you might say in disguise, and is calling us all to take part in his great campaign of sabotage.” I love that. At the heart of our faith is this proclamation that Jesus Christ came not to strut in power but to serve in humility and to give his life as a ransom for many ( Mark 10:45 ). As a result the Apostle Paul... Read More
Posted by Communications Ministry at 7/19/18
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New Hope in A New Land

Hamid and Maryam walked off the plane anxiously. They held their four children, ages two to seven, tightly as they tried to trust that a safer life was ahead. Everything familiar was stripped away in search of a fresh start. As an engineer from Afghanistan, Hamid spoke English as well as five other languages while the rest of his family struggled to understand the new culture and tongue of America. He feared what opportunities would be available for him to provide for his family. ... Read More
Posted by Communications Ministry at 7/17/18
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Whose Side Are You On?

In J.R.R. Tolkien’s beloved epic The Lord of the Rings , two hobbits named Pippin and Merry suddenly find themselves in a conversation with a walking, talking, and enormous “Ent” named Treebeard. Given the war that is raging in the world around them, Pippin and Merry are anxious to know if this giant tree will fight on their side. Will he enlist in their army and help advance their worthy cause? We might be tempted to approach God in a similar way. We may come to God... Read More
Posted by Communications Ministry at 7/12/18
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Highland Students at Mill City

Mill City is a poverty-stricken neighborhood just 15 minutes from our campus. The shortage of affordable housing and food deserts only increase the issues that run rampant among the community. This area attributes to the thirty percent of the Dallas population that lives in poverty. Teaming with Dallas Leadership Foundation and ACT, a group of our students and staff aided in transforming Mill City into a place of hope. They spent their day painting and repairing homes in the area. We... Read More
Posted by Communications Ministry at 7/8/18
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Unveiled Faces

I hope you can join us at Highland Park Pres this weekend as we begin our updated Sunday schedule , with worship gatherings at 8:45, 10, and 11:15 am. 8:45 and 11:15 am in the Sanctuary will be a more classical form of worship with music led by our choir. 10 am in the Sanctuary will be more contemporary in style, with music led by our Hall worship band. All Nations  worship will gather at 11:15 am in Alexander Hall, on the second floor of the Alexander building to the east of the... Read More
Posted by Communications Ministry at 7/5/18
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June Session Update

The Session of Highland Park Presbyterian Church is the ruling body of our congregation, charged with governance, overseeing the Church’s spiritual health, and guiding its mission for Christ in the world. In order to better do this, the Session communicates frequently with the congregation of HP Pres to report its decisions and activities. You can visit the Elders page ( to see other updates from the Session and to send messages to our Elders and pastors. June... Read More
Posted by Communications Ministry at 6/28/18
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A Burning Bush

A burning bush. In itself, it’s not particularly unusual. The smallest spark can set a bush, a tree, even an entire forest ablaze, as we’ve sadly seen this summer in Durango. And yet the courageous Colorado firefighters still expect that when this fire runs out of fuel, it will burn out. But that’s what made the bush at Mt. Horeb so remarkable. Though the bush was on fire, it did not burn out ( Exodus 3:2 ). It defied the typical categories of explanation. This past... Read More
Posted by Communications Ministry at 6/27/18
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Measured By Our Love

Like so many of you, I am saddened and disturbed by reports of families being separated at our border. Sometimes the cacophony of media voices and perspectives around such a politically charged issue as immigration policy can be overwhelming, and it can be hard to know how to respond. In such moments, the love of Jesus and the authority of Scripture provide Christians their true north. As I said this past Sunday, to be a Jesus church means we will be measured by our love for the very least... Read More
Posted by Zack House at 6/23/18
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Way To Go, Church!

To the 256 leaders and volunteers who invested in the lives of the next generation this week at VBS: THANK YOU! I’ve watched this week as you’ve put on display the love of Jesus for hundreds of kids to see, and I want you to know there is no greater joy as a pastor. Way to go, church! One of my VBS highlights: there was one breakout room that had a grandmother, her daughter, and her granddaughter all teaching together the same group of children. This is truly an... Read More
Posted by Communications Ministry at 6/14/18
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You Are Not Your Own

One of my mentors in college was a history professor and country church pastor named Allen Koop. The son of the former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, Professor Koop taught an amazing class on the history of healthcare. One afternoon, he shared with our discussion group about all of the health issues and associated treatment costs that can arise from smoking. One of my classmates raised his hand and said, “With all due respect, I could care less about any of this. I like smoking.... Read More
Posted by Communications Ministry at 6/7/18
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“If You Were A Sheep, What Would Be Your Name?”

Erin Walsh and I asked the four-year-old Sunday School class this question as few weeks ago. As you might imagine, names ranged from: Pink Princess to Bob, with lots of Fluffy’s in between. This past month in Early Childhood, we have been studying David’s famous words from Psalm 23 . It has been a joy watching the images of this Psalm seep into children’s hearts as they stomp around like sheep, pretend to lay down in luscious green grass and lap up cool, calm water. ... Read More
Posted by Communications Ministry at 5/31/18
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New Sunday Schedule Update

It is an exciting time in the life of Highland Park Presbyterian Church. This fall, dirt will start flying on our Transform renovation project, which will enable our church family to better live out our vision for years to come. Since the beginning of April, we have been communicating what the nearly two-year rebuild of the Hunt building will mean for our Sunday morning worship schedule, beginning Sunday, July 8. Yes, that is less than two months away! If you have yet to see Bryan’s... Read More
at 5/24/18
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