A Redeeming God

“I’ve always been drawn to the imperfect characters of the Bible,” Sharon Johnson describes. “There’s a great comfort in knowing that God can use anyone for his purpose.” After being asked to teach a Bible study, Sharon has been diving deep into the lively stories of the ancient Scriptures, prompting her to think about how God has used her in his grand story of redemption. Sharon’s dad died at 53 after a long battle with ALS. Christians surrounded... Read More
Posted by Kimber Jensen at 11/18/20
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He Leads With Peace

Becky Paterik found herself sitting at the edge of her husband’s hospital bed. The doctors had found a brain bleed that wouldn’t be easy to resolve. The atmosphere of that stale hospital suite was heavy with unknowns. Would he survive? How could she get through this? Is her family going to be taken care of? But as a multitude of questions and anxieties started to flood, Becky was comforted by a confidence that God would walk with her and her family during this trial. After nine... Read More
Posted by Communications Ministry at 11/3/20
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Serve to Grow

Through a time of open-handed prayer, Doug Crawford asked God for direction. Doug was ready to serve, but overwhelmed with possibilities, so he decided to allow God to show him where to invest his time. The next couple weeks were filled with God gently directing Doug toward volunteering with the third-grade Sunday class. This chance seemed like a perfect puzzle piece in Doug’s life: with experience ministering to elementary-aged children through mentorship and his grandkids being around... Read More
Posted by Kimber Jensen at 10/28/20
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Session Update – Sept–Oct

The Session of Highland Park Presbyterian Church is the ruling body of our congregation, charged with governance, overseeing the Church’s spiritual health, and guiding its mission for Christ in the world. In order to better do this, the Session communicates frequently with the congregation of HP Pres to report its decisions and activities. You can visit the elders page ( hppres.org/elders ) to see other updates from the Session and to send messages to our elders and pastors.  ... Read More
Posted by Kimber Jensen at 10/26/20
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The Engine Room

Before the rustle and bustle of families skipping through our halls, or the powerful boom of the organ waking people to praise, a group of fervent prayers gather in the pre-crowd stillness to prepare for Sunday services. They meet to ask God to give peace to the hearts of everyone who attends, to speak mightily through our pastors and volunteers, and for people of all generations to fall more in love with Jesus. For over 30 years, this group has been dedicated to having our church run on a... Read More
Posted by Kimber Jensen at 10/26/20
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Second Sundays at Grace Church Lake Highlands

In their monthly gatherings, Grace Church Lake Highlands boasts of rooting themselves in prayer first.  Second Sundays  take place on the lawn of Youth Believing in Change on Stults Road. Safely spread out with an array of picnic blankets, fold-out chairs, and park benches, the Grace Lake Highlands launch team worships, prays, and talks through their vision and values. This time of preparation before launching in January 2021 has been a sweet chance for the launch team to connect and... Read More
Posted by Communications Ministry at 10/13/20
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Welcome Back!

After 203 days away, we worshiped together in our Sanctuary once again! Though masks covered our smiling faces, joy was felt in abundance amidst all our worship gatherings. Meeting in our church home to sing praises to our king, Jesus, was heart-warming and renewed the souls of all who attended.  Giddy with excitement, Pastor Bryan delivered a message from the pulpit on the Christian unity, even among disagreement. It was a joy to have all generations present—babies, kids, teens,... Read More
Posted by Communications Ministry at 10/8/20
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Father Daughter Baptism

Growing up in the church, Jon McCarry was surrounded by friends who were eager to get baptized. While the opportunity presented itself to him, Jon didn’t feel right about making this proclamation of faith. For fear of being hypocritical, he delayed any decision as a teenager, and once he turned 18, stepped away from the church for a while. He joined the military after university and eventually found himself in Belgium for business school where he would meet his wife,... Read More
Posted by Communications Ministry at 9/23/20
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Confirmation 2020

Debbie Von Strohe loved being a Sunday Class teacher throughout the years. Through games, Bible stories, and little chats, she became close with one of her students, Wren Chatterji. As Wren approached Confirmation, she was excited to ask her favorite Sunday Class teacher, Mrs. Von Strohe, to walk with her through this journey.  This decision was an easy one, and Wren’s Confirmation process was all the better with having such a great mentor. “She knows her bible... Read More
Posted by Communications Ministry at 9/19/20
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A Gospel Breakthrough

This past weekend, our Mandarin Chinese Church gathered for their annual Labor Day retreat. Though this year the church family couldn’t gather for their cabin-in-the-woods tradition, over 500 devices tuned in online for a time of fellowship, worship, and diving into God’s word.  Since this retreat was virtual, this is the first time that the invitation could be extended to friends and family outside of the Dallas area. People from all over the US, Canada, China, and Japan... Read More
Posted by Communications Ministry at 9/16/20
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Our Youngest Generation

Though our buildings have been vacant for a while due to COVID-19 concerns and continuing our Transform construction project, our littlest Highland Park Pres friends have returned to school safely for the fall. Between the Child Development Center and The Day School, students have been safely able to see their friends and teachers in the classroom, while Hillier School plans to return to campus Tuesday,  Sept. 9. “Despite the many challenges we have all encountered, this school year... Read More
Posted by Communications Ministry at 9/9/20
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Pointing Back to Jesus

When Alex and Alicia Haddock planned their move to Dallas, they immediately called their close friends, Calum and Hillary Lindsay. The Lindsays invited the Haddock family to Highland Park Pres, and upon their first visit, they were instantly hooked. “Our life had been so transactional in New York City, constantly busy” Alex explains. “HP Pres was the first time in years that we felt centered in God again.” Alex and Alicia jumped head first into community, becoming... Read More
Posted by Kimber Jensen at 9/3/20
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HP Pres Child Protection Policies

In order to lead all generations to be transformed followers of Jesus, it is imperative that the safety of our littlest ones is our top priority. At Highland Park Presbyterian Church, we closely follow guidelines set in place that will help protect children and youth from abuse when they are involved in church-sponsored activities. Our hope is that actively taking precaution will ensure a safe environment where all generations may learn to find and follow Jesus. Below you will find our... Read More
Posted by Communications Ministry at 8/31/20
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Session Update – Aug. 24

HP Pres Family,  On Monday, August 24, our Session met after a day of fasting to discuss and pray for our family of churches. Thank you to the many members of our congregations who joined us for a day of prayer and fasting. You’re invited to join us monthly in this spiritual practice, and you can learn more about how to participate at  hppres.org/fast .   Below are some of the highlights from the meeting that you should be aware of and praying for during this... Read More
Posted by Kimber Jensen at 8/27/20
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Culture Convos

At Highland Park Pres, we are committed to lead all generations to be transformed followers of Jesus, for the flourishing of our city and beyond. This summer, Highland Students sought to intentionally carve out opportunities to define and discuss what being a transformed follower of Jesus means in the context of our current cultural moment. Culture Convos invited 7th-12th graders once a week to look at what God’s Word has to say about hard issues in our culture today.  “It... Read More
Posted by Kimber Jensen at 8/27/20
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Be The Bridge

When Bilha Mureithi noticed the Be the Bridge book study promotion, she was intrigued. She knew racism existed and that, as a Black woman, she continues to face it day to day, but she also recognized that not many people understand the realities of racism in our society’s current cultural moment. This four week online course aimed to provide a space for people of different backgrounds, opinions, and experiences to come together under the... Read More
Posted by Kimber Jensen at 8/19/20
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The Light of The Holy Spirit

With virtual worship being our new normal, many of us still long to return to our physical community at HP Pres. For Rebecca and Brody Roush, Outdoor Worship was a great and safe way to connect with our church family again, though meeting together would look a little different. They immediately reached out to see how they can help usher in a safe, in-person worship experience and joined our Start Here team. “Being a greeter at Outdoor Worship has allowed us to reconnect with... Read More
Posted by Kimber Jensen at 8/12/20
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Fully Known and Fully Loved

As we continue to sit in this season of new normals, we took a look back at a past story. This testimony only affirms our belief that the church is not a building, it’s people bringing to life the love and the hope of Jesus so that the world can see him. Though we are apart, God remains faithful in bringing his church together.  A few years back, Steve Blaising joined Starting Point, a class to learn how to get involved at Highland Park Pres. He was immediately drawn... Read More
Posted by Communications Ministry at 7/22/20
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To Our Friends in Cuba

Cubans rely on government rations for food and personal items. During the COVID-19 crisis, the government had reduced the allotments of rice and beans from seven pounds a person to five pounds a person. This ration is supposed to last a whole month meaning each hungry family member can only eat about three ounces of rice a day.  Thankfully, resourceful members of our HP Pres Cuban Task Force have found a way to send a shipment of lentils, personal items, and other protein-packed foods... Read More
Posted by Communications Ministry at 7/15/20
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A Family To Which You Belong

Nick Johnson grew up hearing the stories of Jesus, but in fifth grade, a friend invited him to HP Pres where he met leaders that began to cultivate a desire to know Jesus more. He was encouraged to join a small group with other guys his age, and this weekly rhythm allowed Nick to grow in his faith. “We’ve been meeting since seventh grade,” Nick, now a high school senior, describes. “It’s a place to meet, ask questions, and have fun.”  Small group... Read More
Posted by Communications Ministry at 6/30/20
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