100% Real

“How sure are you that everything about Jesus is real?” 8-year-old Drake asked his mom. She quickly explained that throughout her life, Jesus has proven himself to be 100% real. Drake, who had grown up going to Sunday school and knew the story of Jesus, replied “I think I’m at about 50%.” His mom and dad continued to discuss God’s great redemptive story with him, and Drake decided to think on it and learn more about what it means to accept Jesus in his heart.

At church camp a few weeks later, he felt a stir in his heart. As he learned more and more, his confidence in the reality of Jesus grew a bit. He declared by the end of the week that he was at about 80%, but not quite ready to take the jump to put his trust in Jesus just yet. He continued to ponder what it meant to be a Christian, and each Sunday school and Bible lesson inched him toward a better understanding of the heart of Jesus. 

On Christmas Eve, Drake, now 10, sat with his family amid the gleeful choruses and the stunning stained glass windows. In a moment celebrating the birth of Jesus, Drake’s confidence hit 100%. He prayed to accept him as his savior as he sat in the pews. “I thought I wouldn’t get a better chance than at Christmas, and Jesus felt close to me in the walls of the church,” Drake explained. When he got in the car with his family, he told them what had happened during the service, and they celebrated together! 

Jesus is transforming the hearts of our rising generation. As we spend time social distancing, there are still plenty of opportunities for your family to grow together. Visit hppres.org/parenting-resources to get Parent Resources that will equip you to talk to your children about Jesus, wade through anxiety of the pandemic, and provide you with practical help with the kids at home.

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