A Cross-Cultural Message

Surrounded by the smell of ocean mist, cool August temperatures, and an array of wildlife roaming the island, Kake, Alaska’s picturesque scenery welcomed our HP Pres team for the first time this summer. Pastor Joey Chang and his wife, Heea, lead our sister church, Kake Memorial Pres, for the small island community known for its Tlingit heritage. While rich in culture, the community suffers with extreme economic hardship. The church focuses primarily on community outreach, especially through its kid’s ministry.

Word spread throughout the island that there would be a Vacation Bible School for all the children to attend. Our crew dressed up in Athens-themed attire to teach the gospel of Jesus as Apostle Paul did to the ancient Greeks. Steve White, serving on his first mission trip and stepping out of his comfort zone, played the role of the great apostle. He captivated the young audience with his bold message of the saving grace of Christ.

Since historically, the relationship between Christian missionaries and the Tlingit people has been tense, the fact that about 45 kids participated in VBS and heard the gospel was astounding and encouraging. “My prayer [is that] the next generation of people here in Kake would know God and Jesus,” Steve mentions. “And that leaders would be brought up through that.” The opportunity to travel to and serve Kake was a greater experience than Steve had expected, challenging him to be bold in sharing the name of Jesus.

In order to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in the world, HP Pres members of all ages are committed to cross-cultural ministry through short-term mission trips. Learn more about opportunities to serve on a mission trip at hppres.org/mission-trips.

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