A Family To Which You Belong

Nick Johnson grew up hearing the stories of Jesus, but in fifth grade, a friend invited him to HP Pres where he met leaders that began to cultivate a desire to know Jesus more. He was encouraged to join a small group with other guys his age, and this weekly rhythm allowed Nick to grow in his faith. “We’ve been meeting since seventh grade,” Nick, now a high school senior, describes. “It’s a place to meet, ask questions, and have fun.” 

Small group leaders like Luke Woodley, Eric Knight, and Chris Hipps have created a space for Nick to understand more fully the depths of Jesus’ love for him. “Just being there pushes you to learn more,” Nick says. As this group of about fifteen guys graduate high school and continue on their next step, they’ve found a home in the Christ-centered friendships established over the years of laughs, studying Scripture, and encouraging one another in prayer.

Small groups help us see the church as less of a building and more of a family to which we belong. These groups help make our big church smaller and encourage us to grow in our faith by bringing the truths of Scripture home and into our lives. Despite social distancing, we are still finding ways for all ages to connect through Zoom. Find a small group now at hppres.org/groups.

Posted by Communications Ministry at 2:00 PM
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