A Glimpse of Heaven

Our awe-inspiring Sanctuary hasn’t always held our contemporary services. It wasn’t until recently that we’ve combined the music of today with the traditions of our stained glass windows and backdrop of organ pipes. There is something very special and holy about this as we’re reminded that the communion of saints spans across the past, present and future.

Ashley Irons leads worship in the contemporary service with her incredible voice and apparent love for our savior, leaving us teary-eyed and awestruck. She is passionate about worship through singing—this experiential practice has been pivotal in her own faith, and she is honored and excited to help others fall deeper in love with Christ through song.

Whether contemporary or classical, there is something about singing together that has been a pillar of Christian community not only at Highland Park Pres, but throughout church history. There is a special importance in the function of singing. Not only are we given the opportunity to be reminded and comforted by the truth of the Scripture-based lyrics, but it reflects the communal call of the Christian. When we sing in community, we are given a glimpse at one of the things we will be doing in heaven.

“Jesus, throughout his earthly ministry, invited people into experiences,” Ashley describes. “Whether through eating a meal or washing of feet, he connected through the physical. Singing is another experience he is inviting us into.” With one voice, we get to proclaim God’s worthiness through our singing. Ashley describes how this invitation has been influential to her, allowing her to feel free to lift her hands, bow down, and dance. “If the Spirit is leading you to move, do it! I think we often get caught up in a temptation to sanitize what the Spirit is doing,” Ashley says. “You are invited to be free before the Lord.”

HP Pres is excited to offer a variety of different music styles that encourage our hearts to worship. Find out more about our music ministries at hppres.org/music.

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