A Leap of Faith

When Josh Ginsborg moved to Dallas after college, he found a home at Highland Park Pres in the Young Adult community and was invited to take the next step in his faith by participating in the Center for Leadership Formation (CLF). The course guides participants toward discerning God’s calling on their life and pairs them with a mentor to make a plan for using their leadership skills to influence the world around them and advance the gospel.

CLF helped Josh see a new way to think about his past experiences — God had been at work in his life to teach him important lessons and to establish a roadmap for his future. His experiences, abilities, and passions are not by accident, but purposeful for the sake of God’s kingdom.

“Jesus became fully man in part so he could wholly relate to our individual experiences,” Josh describes. Being surrounded by a group of people from different backgrounds widened his perspective and was motivational as he saw varying examples of people living out their faith in their own way.

Since taking the class, Josh has felt equipped to teach others in settings such as the Ascent Men's Bible Study. Josh’s hope is to one day open something like a L'Abri, a space for people to gather and discuss biblical truth, culture, the arts, and break bread. Josh’s hands are open to God’s plans, and he is discussing with mentors how to further the vision of HP Pres to lead all generations to become transformed followers of Jesus for the flourishing of our city and beyond.

Interested in the Center for Leadership Foundation? Go to hppres.org/CLF to apply.

Posted by Communications Ministry at 10:00 AM
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