A New Perspective

For many, the Old Testament is filled with pages that seem irrelevant to the story of Jesus. The intricate details of what priests should wear, how tabernacles should be set up, and fiery details of prophecy not only confuse readers, but are often eliminated from the discussion as a whole. When Ann Smith and Molly Jones decided on a weekly Bible Study at The Tradition Retirement Home, they wanted to teach how confusing passages were nowhere near irrelevant, but central to the story and personhood of Jesus.

Due to the construction of our campus and its lack of meeting space, this has been the first summer of an off-campus Bible study. This six-week dive into the Old Testament created an opportunity for anyone at the retirement home (members of HP Pres or not) to join in and learn. A group of about twelve people gathered each week to dive deep into the symbolism and meaning of difficult Old Testament passages.

“When people think of the Old Testament, they often think it’s boring,” Ann Smith describes. “But everyone has absolutely loved it!” Through rich teaching and helpful resources, the Old Testament has taken on a new level of importance as they’ve seen traces of Jesus’ everlasting work span years before he even stepped foot on earth. They’ve been able to identify that Jesus has always been the main character of the human story and continues to be to this day. Although many of these participants have been studying and learning new things about the Bible their whole life, this study has only deepened their love and faith in God’s word as they unfold meaning and truth behind every detail.

Find community in our Adults 60 Plus Ministry with new events and opportunities to dive deep into the Bible this fall. Learn more at hppres.org/adults-60-plus.

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