A Party in Heaven

Since the beginning of the school year, seven elementary school kids have given their lives to Christ. As they returned to school with their newfound faith, they’ve each become little missionaries inviting friends to church to hear about Jesus. Eliza Jane Louis often invites new friends to experience the Jesus she loves so much. On Ash Wednesday, she asked her friend from soccer practice to join her at church. She knew that they would have so much fun dancing to fun songs and learning more about the Bible. Her friend was excited to see what Eliza Jane had been so excited about.

That Wednesday they learned about Jesus’ death, and a cross was drawn on their foreheads to symbolize it. Although it was a kind of funny to them to have something drawn on their heads at church, they liked to hear about why it was so special. The two friends played with Grant Hubbard, a boy who had just accepted Jesus into his heart. Shannon Von Strohe, the Elementary Associate, talked to all of them about what this important decision meant. Eliza Jane’s friend had learned of Jesus, but hadn’t heard about making this decision before and began asking questions.

After describing all Jesus had done for the world and how much he loves, the friend immediately wanted to know Jesus more and she too placed her trust in Jesus! They jumped for joy with this celebratory news, imagining what kind of party heaven was having that very moment. Shannon explained to them that they’re now in God’s family and he will always be with them.

“It’s so simple yet so huge for them,” Shannon explains. With whole confidence that they are fully loved, these kids are spreading the good news of Jesus to any and everyone they know from grandparents to neighbors to soccer teammates. Lives are being transformed through the ministry of elementary school students. We are so excited to see the Holy Spirit work so powerfully among our Highland Kids. Find out how you can be a part of this awesome ministry at hppres.org/serve-here.

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