A Place To Call Home

As a fresh college graduate, Michael Miller faced some of the unspoken difficulties that come with the transition into adulthood. He knew that finding a church community was needed, but he wasn’t sure where to begin. When a colleague invited Michael to HP Pres’s Young Adult ultimate frisbee game, he accepted the invitation despite not knowing anyone else. “Thank the Lord I went,” Michael emphasized. He immediately felt welcomed and engaged by the community. Michael agreed to visit HP Pres the following Sunday and was blown away by how comfortable and at home he felt.

He describes that God called him not only to attend, but dive into the culture, community, and life of the HP Pres. From elders to students to staff, his love for the church has deepened through meeting and engaging with the many people that make up our church family.

Michael now serves on the Young Adult Lead Team, leads an 11th grade boys small group, and traveled with the students on a mission trip to Jamaica. “HP Pres has been the biggest blessing as a post-grad,” Michael mentions. “Getting involved in a church is crucial for young adults like me. I know it’s cliche, but it’s simple: step out of your comfort zone and show up— God provides.”

If you’re a young adult in search for community, visit hppres.org/young-adults.

Posted by Communications Ministry at 9:00 AM
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