A Redeeming God

“I’ve always been drawn to the imperfect characters of the Bible,” Sharon Johnson describes. “There’s a great comfort in knowing that God can use anyone for his purpose.” After being asked to teach a Bible study, Sharon has been diving deep into the lively stories of the ancient Scriptures, prompting her to think about how God has used her in his grand story of redemption.

Sharon’s dad died at 53 after a long battle with ALS. Christians surrounded her and her family with love and empathy, sharing in their pain during an incredibly difficult season. She recognized the holiness of mourning with those who mourn as Jesus instructed. Just as she had experienced healing from those who had walked alongside her, she wanted to do the same for others experiencing loss. She took part in forming a grief recovery program, and giving participants an opportunity to share their own grief stories.

“God can redeem even the hardest things,” Sharon says. “My faith has grown through the difficulties, and he’s met me in my weakness.” Like the imperfect biblical characters that Sharon gleans wisdom from, she sees how God uses her pain for a greater purpose. Sharon now practices her gifts by serving as an elder and spiritually leading us toward God’s greater purpose for HP Pres. Our Officer Nominating Committee (ONC) is currently taking recommendations for men and women to serve as our spiritual leaders through being elders and deacons. Find out what these positions entail, and make recommendations at hppres.org/recommend.

Posted by Kimber Jensen at 10:30 AM
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