A Search for Truth

Born and raised in China, it wasn’t until Dr. Cheyenne Currall moved to the US for graduate school that she first heard about Jesus. She met her husband, a Christian, at Cornell University during her studies. Throughout their relationship, he encouraged her to find truth in the gospel. Wanting to find the voice on her own, and with a nascent faith many years ago, she began a long journey of researching by reading many books on religion and visiting many churches.

When the couple moved to Dallas, they started to attend HP Pres and signed up for Starting Point, a class dedicated for those who wish to learn more about Christianity and the beliefs of Highland Park Pres. New friends invested in Cheyenne, giving her books and engaging in conversation with her about God. Cheyenne’s attention was focused on searching for truth and, while reading Huston Smith’s “World Religions” on Christianity, something clicked. What felt like a warm light, beamed on her from head to toe. Her eyes were opened to the good news and truth of the gospel—everything around her seemed brighter.

“I felt the love and presence of our Lord” Cheyenne exclaimed. This spiritual experience led to her decision to proclaim her faith publicly before her church family in the Mandarin Chinese Church at HP Pres. She was baptized and celebrated God’s great mercy and love with her loved ones who had invested and prayed diligently for her to know him personally.

If you’re a visitor and want to know more about the life of Highland Park Pres, check out Starting Point at hppres.org/starting-point.

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