Be The Bridge

When Bilha Mureithi noticed the Be the Bridge book study promotion, she was intrigued. She knew racism existed and that, as a Black woman, she continues to face it day to day, but she also recognized that not many people understand the realities of racism in our society’s current cultural moment. This four week online course aimed to provide a space for people of different backgrounds, opinions, and experiences to come together under the umbrella of faith in order to seek God’s direction to push back against the sin of racial injustice in all its forms.

“If someone in the body suffers, we all suffer. It is our job to make the world a better place,” Bilha explains. With prompted discussions about the topics of racial inequity, our nation’s history, and the church’s historical complicity in these matters, Bilha’s discussion group unpacked a seemingly overwhelming problem through the lens of the gospel. Bilha describes that this book study has prompted her to look at her own life and seek the Holy Spirit on how we’ve been complicit and complacent to things happening in our church, city, and world. She mentions, “it’s not enough to just acknowledge this harm, but we are commanded to be change agents, to go out and make disciples of Jesus through our actions, big or small.”

This eternal work of reconciliation, accomplished by Christ on our behalf, enables his people to pursue the just efforts of reconciliation between fellow image-bearers of God from every race, class, and generation. We believe this cannot be a short term or fleeting effort, but the kind of core commitment that requires a long obedience in the same direction. It will involve the difficult work of learning and reading, repenting and uprooting, befriending and empowering. Toward this end, we have created this resource page that will aid in the initial steps of educating and equipping in the pursuit of racial equity. While this may seem like an insurmountable task before us, take heart! The Spirit of Christ won’t leave or forsake us in the pursuit of every good endeavor. Find our Race and Justice resource page at

Posted by Kimber Jensen at 3:30 PM
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