Breaking the Cycle

In Dallas, more than 58% of third graders do not read at grade level. Of that group, nearly 60% of those kids come from poverty-stricken areas like Mill City in South Dallas where shaky home environments, lack of school funding, and generational cycles that aid to low self esteem keep students from staying on top of the daily lessons. As they fall behind, these kids have an especially difficult time catching back up with what’s being taught in the classroom.

At HP Pres, we are dedicated to the flourishing of our city. With Mill City just 20 minutes away, we believe we are called to invest in the rising generation to transform the future of Dallas. One way we can make a practical change is through Reading Buddies.

Over the course of a year, weekly visits dedicated to reading have helped kids struggling in school increase their test scores by 22%, have better confidence in their ability to succeed, and reach for higher goals as they dream of their future. By dedicating only one hour a week, you will have the opportunity to tangibly see growth in a child’s confidence and reading skills while cultivating an encouraging relationship.

This year we are partnering with Dunbar Elementary to help kids improve their reading skills needed to escape the cycle of poverty in South Dallas. Sign up for Reading Buddies now to make a lasting impact on a child’s life and the future of our city at

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