Called to Witness

On HP Pres’ Cuba mission trip, each participant is paired with a translator who is a committed Christian. Tom Leiser’s 23-year-old translator, Yadniel, was two years out of seminary and leading a congregation. He shared with Tom that in his final year at seminary, he had received an apartment from a deceased family member, worth 75 years of earnings in Cuba. But despite having just a few dollars to his name, Yadniel donated it to the church to help others in need of a home. Tom was blown away by this man’s faith, and it made him evaluate his own willingness to give everything for the glory of God.

The two visited the house of a woman and her two children. Noises from inside caught Yadniel’s attention, and they soon learned one of the children was mentally ill. Something was different about this family, and Yadniel went into the room with her for a few moments while Tom stayed behind. Yadniel then came out weeping explaining to Tom that this family was very poor, and there was no assistance available for them. Tom could see that Yadniel’s heart was broken for this family in a way that was different from the others.

Every year the HP Pres team donates to their translator’s church, but God kept convicting Tom to take a step of faith like Yadniel had exemplified and to give beyond that. And he did. With tears immediately welling up, Yadniel said, “I knew God would provide.” He pulled out his completely empty wallet showing that he had given the family every penny he had, planning to hitchhike his way home. Tom was once again astounded at Yadniel’s willingness to give, not just some, but everything for the ministry of Christ. Tom describes, “We often say the purpose of trips like these is to witness to the lost, but more often than not, we end up witnessing the work of the Holy Spirit in ways we could never imagine—it’s transformative.” Sign up for a 2019 mission trip like this one at

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