Completion of a Journey

Recently one of my oldest and closest of friends moved back to Dallas. We grew up together, and I still remember the day Travis invited me on a Student Ministry Retreat where I heard about having a relationship with Jesus for the first time.

In the months that followed, I went through an experience called Confirmation, where I learned the basics of being a disciple of Jesus. I studied the core teachings of the Scriptures, reformed theology, and spiritual practices like prayer and confession. Faith came alive in my heart and mind.

This Sunday marks the completion of a year long Confirmation journey for 50 students at Highland Park Pres. They have grown in their faith through community, mission, study, and the spiritual friendship of an older mentor walking alongside them. This Sunday, they will go public with their trust in Jesus, becoming fully fledged covenant partners of our church. As I pray for these students, I pray also that every one of us might see this as an opportunity to affirm our identity as followers of Christ.

I hope you'll join us this weekend as we celebrate with these students, and continue learning together from Jesus' younger brother James

Finally, thank you to everyone who has stepped forward to serve in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, and all of you who brought diapers and other much-needed supplies for local shelters here in Dallas. HP Pres has raised more than $75,000 for relief efforts, and we are working directly with sister churches in Houston to help in the rebuilding of their beloved city.  

Meanwhile, we pray for the safety of our ministry partners in Cuba, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic as well as all those in the path of Hurricane Irma and that "he who made the storm be still, and hushed the waves of the sea" would do it once again. Psalm 107:29

Grateful to be your pastor,


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