Confirmation 2020

Debbie Von Strohe loved being a Sunday Class teacher throughout the years. Through games, Bible stories, and little chats, she became close with one of her students, Wren Chatterji. As Wren approached Confirmation, she was excited to ask her favorite Sunday Class teacher, Mrs. Von Strohe, to walk with her through this journey. 

This decision was an easy one, and Wren’s Confirmation process was all the better with having such a great mentor. “She knows her bible really well!” Wren said about Mrs. Von Strohe. “I would’ve never been able to do my Confirmation statement without her.” The two grew in their relationship with God and one another as they dove deep into the truths of God’s word. 

This was the first year Debbie had stepped into a Confirmation mentor role. She knew she wouldn’t regret it based on her friendship with Wren. “Wren excites me because of her knowledge and her desire to learn,” Debbie mentions. What Debbie didn’t expect, though, was how much she would learn throughout this process too. “In Confirmation class, I learned so much myself! I use what I learned as a tool to share the gospel in my own life. I would highly recommend being a mentor to anyone.” 

We are so excited to welcome our 2020 Confirmation Class! If you’d like to sign your student up for Confirmation or be a mentor yourself, register now at

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