Covenant Community

It all began at Starting Point, our 3-week class that shows you how to get involved at Highland Park Pres. Kathleen Hodges, a Starting Point volunteer, got to know many of the couples scattered throughout the class. These couples never really crossed paths, and Kathleen thought to herself, “these are people that need to know each other.” She could clearly see evidence of the Holy Spirit as she connected five couples to start a small group.

Kathleen organized a gathering thinking she would just facilitate, but quickly found that God was calling her into this covenant community as well. The group clicked immediately, and now meet a couple times a month to further study the Sunday message, share a meal, and get to know one another— one Sunday, they even met at Peak Street Church to support our new church plant in Old East Dallas! In a little over a year, each person has proven to be very committed as they find community among one another and see that God knew what he was doing when he brought each person into this new group.

“This group is another level,” Kathleen comments. Community this strong can only be accomplished through God. She acknowledged that they have quickly become like a family and often spend hours together when they can. Small groups give a chance to make our big congregation become personal and allow for intimate familial relationships to form. As the new year approaches, we pray that our HP Pres family will continue to flourish as we take steps to deepen our relationships with one another through community. Find a small group that’s right for you at

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