Exploring Alpha

Evan Smith grew up in a family filled with pastors and missionaries, and faith was just something he accepted as true without much thought. As he grew older, questions started to develop and pocket answers of the church didn’t satisfy his curiosity.

He went to a Christian college, but eventually he decided he didn’t want anything to do with his family’s faith. Over the next ten years, Evan’s questions remained. While living in New York, a friend mentioned that Alpha may be a great place for him to explore his concerns about Christianity, but he shook off the invitation.

When he landed a new job in Dallas, he had no community. All his friends lived elsewhere, so he went to a somewhat familiar environment in hopes to find some friends. In January of 2017, he attended HP Pres for the first time. When he was invited to HP Pres’s Alpha, he decided to go and see what there was to offer.

He was pleasantly surprised that his questions were met with thoughtful dialogue and resources. The fact that people were able to discuss these difficult topics and admit that they did not know encouraged him. He developed relationships with people he could have honest, intellectual conversations with that didn’t preach, but listened intently. This fueled a faith that, while still wonders, is okay with the unknowns.

Evan now is on the leadership team at Peak Street Church. He is passionate about those who have questions about faith, and will be involved in Peak Street Church’s Alpha program. “What’s so refreshing about Alpha is that it’s the first place at church where I could honestly ask questions,” Evan describes. Alpha’s talks are designed to encourage conversation and explore the basics of Christian faith in a friendly, open, and informal environment. If you are interested in registering for Alpha, visit hppres.org/alpha.

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