Father Daughter Baptism

Growing up in the church, Jon McCarry was surrounded by friends who were eager to get baptized. While the opportunity presented itself to him, Jon didn’t feel right about making this proclamation of faith. For fear of being hypocritical, he delayed any decision as a teenager, and once he turned 18, stepped away from the church for a while. He joined the military after university and eventually found himself in Belgium for business school where he would meet his wife, Ayu. 

After thirteen years of living abroad, Jon and his family moved back to his home in Dallas, Texas. With the move, the idea of finding a home church had been on his mind. A military friend of his reached out to invite him to a men’s event at HP Pres. He immediately felt at home and was curious to check out Sunday services. On their visit, Jon and his wife were encouraged by the sermons while his two little daughters loved their Sunday classes. “There was a great feeling of family, wonderful environment, and leaders have been open to questions of faith,” Jon mentioned. “Hearing the humble answer of ‘I don’t know’ was refreshing to hear and supportive to be around.” The McCarry family decided to make HP Pres their church home, and Jon felt a pull that it was time for him to make a proclamation of faith through baptism. 

A date was set for Jon to get baptized, and without prior knowledge, his eight-year-old daughter, Miyuki, asked if she could get baptized soon. They discussed what this meant, and Miyuki described how much she loved Jesus because he had saved her from her sins. Jon and Miyuki decided to be baptized together on Sunday, September 13, 2020. Everything seemed to perfectly align as even the sermon taught on the beauty and hope of baptism itself.

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