Fount Board + Table

The Bible is riddled with scenes of feasts. Whether to celebrate, to mourn, or to worship, there is something holy about breaking bread with God’s people. This communal act makes space for vulnerability, making individual experiences intertwine as stories are shared. Olivia Genthe encounters this firsthand in her business, Fount Table + Board. She and her husband, Ryan, started this concept to share local and unique food experiences with others through, what they call, grazing tables. This started with their passion for connecting local businesses and neighborhood farms to the community. As they shared their hearts with the world, God affirmed that the spaces made while sharing a meal are as holy and alive today as the instructed feasts were for ancient Israel.

“We see it in The Lord’s Supper, in the Garden of Eden, and so on, that God invites us into using our senses to connect with him and others,” Olivia describes. “It’s sobering to touch and feel and consume—God made these things for us to experience and connect over.” The table has provided a space to share stories, to laugh, to cry, and to love. The biblical feasts were not arbitrary laws or mandates, but made way for community and recognizing the presence of God.

Fount Board + Table was featured at our Young Adult Music + Art night, bringing the community together to highlight local artists. The grazing table served as a central piece for friends and strangers to spark connection over the shared experience. The evening gave an opportunity to slow down and share beauty in community. 

In this season of advent, of longing for his return, Christ invites all to his table to be physically and spiritually nourished, and bask in the beauty of the gospel. Join us on December 23 at 5 pm, or come to one of our Christmas Eve worship gatherings at 12, 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 pm to celebrate Jesus together. Learn more at

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