Fully Known and Fully Loved

A few years back, Steve Blaising joined Starting Point, a 3-week class to learn how to get involved at Highland Park Pres. He was immediately drawn to the ministry and decided to volunteer as a leader. To him, Starting Point was a statement that our very large church cares deeply for the individual, wanting each one to be fully known and fully loved.

One unsuspecting Starting Point session left an impact on Steve. A woman and her daughter plopped down at his table before everyone else had arrived. “This has been the worst day of my life,” the woman uttered. She explained to Steve that she had received a difficult diagnosis that morning all while her daughter was battling cancer. They spent time processing what had happened and finding hope in Jesus Christ.

This woman’s willingness to open up the minute she sat down made Steve think about the authenticity of his faith. His Starting Point journey has been filled with stories of vulnerability and seeing how faith intersects with crises which leads to deep fellowship with one another. “Volunteering for Starting Point has changed my life,” Steve describes. The 3-week class enriches participants and leaders alike because it allows for a reexamination of their faith, testimony, and why they're there. “You will be blessed because we talk about the gospel, the life-changing foundation of our faith.”

Find out how you can get involved with Starting Point at hppres.org/starting-point.

Posted by Communications Ministry at 9:30 PM
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