Hands And Feet of Jesus

With tears in her eyes, Tanya Darcy described, what she called, her dream project. She had wanted to repaint her home, but with limited funds and mobility, she struggled to try to make this a reality. When someone mentioned the Handymen Ministry to her, she thought she would give it a try. To her amazement, she was blown away by the servant-heartedness of the men that stepped forward to help her achieve the dream without asking for a nickel.

Bill Asbury, a deacon leading the Handymen Ministry, was excited to have worked with Darcy and the other volunteers on this project. "There is a special opportunity to connect with others when you enter their space,” Asbury mentions. “It’s different than at church.” He has organized people from the congregation to assist in home repairs around the community. The volunteer teams have united different strands of the church to work together for the greater purpose of being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Giddy in her newly painted home, Darcy wrote an expansive letter to HP Pres thanking the Handymen Ministry for “perfecting my dream project, plus blessing me with an experience to view friendship between men who are working for a greater good— doing the Lord’s work.”
The Handymen Ministry has blessed many throughout the year as they assist in changing lightbulbs, fixing faucets, and painting rooms. If you would like to serve with the Handymen Ministry, visit hppres.org/serve-church.

Posted by Communications Ministry at 10:00 AM
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