He Leads With Peace

Becky Paterik found herself sitting at the edge of her husband’s hospital bed. The doctors had found a brain bleed that wouldn’t be easy to resolve. The atmosphere of that stale hospital suite was heavy with unknowns. Would he survive? How could she get through this? Is her family going to be taken care of? But as a multitude of questions and anxieties started to flood, Becky was comforted by a confidence that God would walk with her and her family during this trial.

After nine days in the ICU, Becky’s husband went home and eventually recovered fully. Despite the scariness of the season, Becky held onto the promise that she was gently reminded of. That moment shaped how she would approach future difficulties in life. As she walked through the ups and downs of being a wife, a mom, a daughter, and friend, Becky’s heart was continuously reminded that God was walking with her, leading her with his peace, and never forsaking her.

When she was nominated to be an elder, she knew that this would be no different—God would guide her step-by-step in this new role. Leading the church her family has attended for generations, she commits to faithfully studying God’s word, praying, and listening to where God is leading Highland Park Pres, confident he will walk with us through the ups and downs.

Our Officer Nominating Committee (ONC) is currently taking recommendations for men and women to serve as our spiritual leaders through being elders and deacons. Find out what these positions entail, and make recommendations at hppres.org/recommend.

Posted by Communications Ministry at 8:00 AM
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