Head Over Heels

As a kid, Hope Trahan learned to build walls around her heart, hiding parts of herself that made her feel like she wasn’t enough. When she started attending YoungLife in high school, she was intrigued by the gospel story and couldn’t get enough. For the first time, she began to go to church regularly to find out more.

“One day it hit me,” she describes. “Jesus pursues me even when I sin. He knows me fully and still loves me. That just made me fall completely head over heels.”

A holy passion took root in Hope’s life as she desired for others to know and experience the God who loves unconditionally. She started working as the Highland Student Ministry Resident at HP Pres, dedicating herself to the mission of Jesus. As she continued to grow in her relationship with God, the walls she had spent so much time building started to crumble as He confirmed that Hope is chosen, loved, and called.

Last Easter, Hope decided to invite others into all God had been doing in her life. Through baptism, she declared the truth of Christ’s death and resurrection. She publicly boasted of her identity in Christ explaining to friends, family, and people who know her best that this love is what makes Hope who she is.

Find more information on how you can take the next step in your faith through baptism at hppres.org/baptisms.

Posted by Communications Ministry at 2:00 PM
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