HP Pres Child Protection Policies

In order to lead all generations to be transformed followers of Jesus, it is imperative that the safety of our littlest ones is our top priority. At Highland Park Presbyterian Church, we closely follow guidelines set in place that will help protect children and youth from abuse when they are involved in church-sponsored activities. Our hope is that actively taking precaution will ensure a safe environment where all generations may learn to find and follow Jesus. Below you will find our detailed policies and guidelines. With any questions and concerns, please reach out to Sarah Good, Executive Director.

Detailed Policy

Highlights of Policy

Screening and Training

HP Pres requires all staff members and volunteers working with children or students (and other vulnerable populations) to complete four steps before ministry work or volunteer placements begin.

  • Ministry Safe Awareness Training
  • Screening Process
  • Policy & Procedures Acknowledgment
  • Criminal Background Check

Monitoring and Supervision Policies

  • Security Check In
  • Established Ratio Requirements
  • Two Adult/Two Leader at all times
  • Transportation Policies

Behavioral Policies

  • Comprehensive established list of acts or omissions that will not be tolerated in any way.
  • All kid and student workers are expected to adhere to a strict code of conduct.
  • It is our policy that staff members and volunteers are prohibited from using physical discipline in any manner for behavioral management of children.


  • Any adult who observes or becomes aware of any alleged incident of Child Abuse or a Prohibited Act must, as soon as possible, report the incident to the staff member in charge of the program and to the Executive Director.
  • Upon receipt of a report of an incident, the Executive Director shall ensure that an appropriate investigation commences, and appropriate procedures are followed as required by Texas law.
  • All investigations shall be conducted in as confidential a manner as is compatible with a thorough investigation of the report or allegation.
  • Parental Notification policies in place
  • Initial Response and Consequences policiy
  • Spokesperson for the church will be designated. 
  • Pastoral support will be available. 

Highland Park Pres Child Protection Policies

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