I Am Who I Say I Am

“I always had said that I’d never go on the same trip twice, but when I went to Israel, I took it back,” Christina Miller describes. Christina and Tobin Miller first went to Israel about 15 years ago— they were accompanied by their lifelong mentors, Dr. and Mrs. Hannah, that showed them the importance of these incredibly historical places. They explored biblical sights and Miller admits that reading God’s word has been transformative since seeing the settings described in Scripture.

Christina was most impacted by the terrain of the country— every place that was described through the Old and New Testaments was proven true. Connecting the dots only grew her faith and trust the historical accuracy of the Bible all the more. By experiencing a piece of the wilderness the Israelites wandered through, the Sea of Galilee that Jesus walked on, and the richness of the land of milk and honey, she now can reads God’s word in a whole new light seeing that God is who he says he is.

The Millers have a passion for bringing this faith-building experience to others. They have led tours for many years since that first trip, and Christina admits her eyes are opened to more of God’s character each time. HP Pres will be exploring Israel this summer, walking where Jesus walked and learning more about the ancient culture of the Bible. If you are interested in taking this incredible journey, visit hppres.org/mission-trips.

Posted by Communications Ministry at 12:35 PM
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