“If You Were A Sheep, What Would Be Your Name?”

Erin Walsh and I asked the four-year-old Sunday School class this question as few weeks ago. As you might imagine, names ranged from: Pink Princess to Bob, with lots of Fluffy’s in between.

This past month in Early Childhood, we have been studying David’s famous words from Psalm 23. It has been a joy watching the images of this Psalm seep into children’s hearts as they stomp around like sheep, pretend to lay down in luscious green grass and lap up cool, calm water.

Without fail, each week, as we romp around the classroom on all fours, one or two children break away from the herd. With a mischievous smirk they dart away from the others; these reckless little sheep are always after the same thing: attention from the shepherd, or in our case, the teacher.

When I gently call back to “Pink Princess” the sheep, she grins with delight as she rejoins the herd. The fact that I call her by name establishes a deeper connection with the shepherd.

Even as these children are playing, God’s Word also seeps into my heart. I, too, long to know the Good Shepherd sees me; I am eager to hear him call me by name and restore my soul. I encourage you to find a way to serve in our Kid's ministry and experience how God moves in your own heart. 

When you see a child walking in the hallways at church this week, ask them what they know about sheep. They may even surprise you and recite for you the first several verses of Psalm 23! Or, they will declare their favorite sheep name and run off hoping you will chase them.

Hope to see you in the halls, 
Ali Dunagan

You can use your gifts to transform the lives of kids at Highland Park Pres by serving on Sunday mornings just one weekend a month. Let us know you can help at hppres.org/serve.

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