I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Each year carols of hope, joy, and peace are sung boldly in the packed Sanctuary at the 6 pm service by our Genesis Choir. Students from 7th grade to high school seniors make up this collection of voices, and this ministry has provided community for these students throughout the year. There is a special tradition attached to this particular service, though. As former Genesites travel home for the holidays from their respective colleges, they are invited to join the current choir in leading the congregation in worship.

Josh Garwood, a Genesis Choir alumnus, describes that one of the best parts of this experience is that he gets to witness the traditional candle lighting from the best seat in the house. The opportunity also allows for relationships to reignite and for alumni to be reminded of the family they will always be a part of.

“Coming back to sing with them felt like I was a puzzle piece fitting perfectly back into the spot I had loved for such a long time,” Linda Lopez comments. “Genesis means a great deal to me, not only because of the friendships I made, but also because the music we sang always made me feel closer to God. Experiencing the readings and the music I know so well during the Christmas services makes the birth of Christ feel more real to me. It emphasizes the love that our Father has for us in his sacrifice and is the beginning of all the good His Son would do on Earth.”

Come see the former and current Genesis Choir members join together in one accord this Christmas Eve! For more information about our Christmas Eve services, visit hppres.org/christmas.

Posted by Communications Ministry at 6:41 PM
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