Irresistible Grace

Will Zhao felt as if his life was crumbling right before his eyes. He had just moved to the United States from Beijing to continue his studies in engineering, but nothing was going according to plan. His teachers were mean, school was difficult, and he missed having a sense of belonging in a country he called home. All this fogged his mind, and he began to wonder what the meaning of life was at all. He shared his struggle with a friend who introduced him to the Mandarin Chinese Fellowship. When he visited, he felt different. Something about this gathering struck a chord in his heart, but he couldn’t quite place what it was.

Will became a frequent seeker asking many questions about the Bible as he waded through dark days. “I began to understand that I’m unable to save myself,” he describes. It was through studying the scriptures that he discovered the only one who could save him was Jesus. He decided to place his trust in Jesus and make a public proclamation of it through baptism. He recalls, “I was not quite sure what it meant, but I know it was irresistible. It was like something so exciting in me that I had to surrender all.”

Over the next couple years, God was continuously revealing himself to Will through his Word. Will couldn’t get enough! After dedicating his whole adult life to electrical engineering, God called Will to step out in faith and pursue full time ministry. With open hands and full support from his community, Will trusted the Lord’s plan.

Now pursuing PhD in theology, Will is a faithful elder in the Mandarin Chinese Church Plant. Looking back on his life, even the most difficult days of his darkest season, he praises the Lord for it all. He never would have expected the dramatic turn of events, but with a grateful heart, he acknowledges that God’s ways are beyond our ways as he gives abundantly more than we could ever ask or imagine.

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