It'll Be Worth It

Rhiannon Fekete grew up in a home where faith wasn’t a high priority. When she started studying art and architecture in college, she began to learn about the biblical stories that much of the art was representing. She lived in Italy for three years, immersed in the culture and soaking in the incredible scenery that the churches provided in the cities. While being away from her friends and family, Rhiannon spent most of her time by herself city-hopping to see as much awe-inspiring stained glass, sculptures, and steeples as she could. She would find herself sitting in church services that were in different languages to soak in the culture, but over time, she felt God reaching out to her heart.

 In a moment of feeling lonely and isolated from her home, she picked up a devotional that was gifted to her before she moved. She wondered why she packed it in the first place as she never really intended on reading it, but as she read the pages, she felt the weight of the world lifting off her shoulders. The truths of God that she had been admiring as a cultural immersion took root in her heart, and she committed her life to Jesus. 

When she moved to Dallas, a college friend invited her to Highland Park Pres. Rhiannon had never been a part of a church before, but immediately felt comfortable. The young adults community became quick friends, and she felt at home. After a few weeks, she decided to take a step toward commitment through Starting Point. This 3-week class is designed to describe how to be involved at Highland Park Pres, give an opportunity to be a part of a small group, and provide a chance to become a covenant partner of our church. Her table group grew close to one another by sharing stories and being vulnerable about how God was working in their lives. 

Rhiannon is giddy at how God has been working in and through her life, and is eager to get more involved in the life of our church family. “I was so nervous about Starting Point,” she describes. “But it’s like a first date—just go on the date. It’ll be worth it.” Want to take the next step at Highland Park Pres? Sign up for Starting Point at

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