Jesus is King

Mingqi was born into a Buddhist home. Like any good daughter, she pursued the faith and religion of her parents and became devoted to Buddhism. When she married, her husband, Yang, expressed an interest in Christianity. This worried Mingqi, but she agreed to check out the Chinese Family Fellowship at HP Pres. They got involved quickly and asked many questions about what made Christianity so special. Suddenly, they quit attending the Friday night gatherings— pressure from her family and worried she would abandon her foundational Buddhist faith, Mingqi was hid from what she saw as an eventual conversion.

When her grandfather was fell ill, her family was overwhelmed with grief and panic. They fervently prayed to Buddha, asking for immediate healing. Nothing seemed to be working. Yang, Mingqi’s husband, encouraged her to pray to the Jesus to see what would happen. In desperation, she asked Jesus to help this terrible situation. As soon as the prayer left her lips, her grandfather’s health took a turn. He started to recover from his illness, and Mingqi rejoiced at the fact God answered her prayers! She explained to her family that the power came from the God of Christianity, not Buddha.

Many other circumstances proved that God listened to Mingqi’s pleas. It was becoming obvious that God is a provider that fulfills our emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. Mingqi and Yang were in awe at the Lord’s consistent pursuit of their hearts as he answered their prayers. With such clear evidence in their lives, they knew they were encountering the one true king: Jesus. Together, they accepted Christ as the lord of their lives and were baptized on Thanksgiving weekend.

The couple now attends our Mandarin Chinese Church Plant faithfully and continues to see evidence of God’s faithfulness in their lives. We are so thankful for all God is doing in and through his people! As Mingqi and Yang continue in their faith, let us pray that they may be a bright light to their family, and Jesus may be known as king.

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