Jumped in with Both Feet

Vic Bloede first experienced Christ as a young adult surrounded by men and women of faith. Newly married and attending church with his wife, Vic saw that many of his friends had an inner joy and peace that he found intriguing. God worked through his community to show Vic that the source of that inner joy and peace was Christ himself. Though he would have described himself as a Christian before, Vic realized that he did not have a relationship with Jesus like his friends were describing. At 30 years old, Vic was baptized and proclaimed a new identity—one that would be marked by a life surrendered to Jesus.

His faith journey has been majorly formed by his many trips to Cuba where the Holy Spirit has consistently pushed him out of his comfort zone to make the name of Jesus known. He has seen lives transformed by the saving gospel and has established lifelong relationships with Cuban residents. These experiences have encouraged him greatly as he, not only gained a greater understanding of what it means to seek the flourishing of our world, but has recognized God calling him to be bold in sharing the gospel both in Cuba and at home.

This peace and joy of Christ has fueled Vic toward a life of ministry. As a current governing elder, Vic describes, “My prayer for our church isn’t something that is new or original. I am praying for new believers. I have been asking ‘what can we be doing to get others to know Jesus?’” Our Officer Nominating Committee (ONC) is currently taking recommendations for men and women to serve as our spiritual leaders as elders and deacons. See what serving this way is like, read the requirements, and make recommendations at hppres.org/recommend.

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