Leaning In

Leslie grew up in the church, so the concept of faith was familiar to her. But throughout her life, she was met face to face with deep pain and struggle. She often longed for answers as to why she went through these things, and without perceiving a response from God, eventually she abandoned the church, God, and, as she later realized, herself. Running in the opposite direction, Leslie sought her identity in relationships which made life chaotic and strained.

A painful breakup unraveled what was left of her sense of self, leaving her floundering, and only causing more heartache. Around that time a close friend invited her to Alpha—a place to explore life, faith, and God in a friendly, open, and informal environment. Leslie decided to take her questions about faith head on. Throughout the course, she was met with truly honest conversation and unwavering kindness, allowing her to recognize God’s hand in her life. She was shocked to see that God wasn’t put off by her questions and pain as she anticipated, but gave her a whole new perspective, purpose, and identity.

During Alpha weekend, she rededicated her life to Christ and experienced a peace that was like nothing she had ever felt before. Instead of seeing her life experiences as a burden, she now wants to use her past pain and wanderings as an opportunity to invite others into God’s peace and unconditional love. “It’s so different now,” she comments. “I talk to God daily, want to commune in his place of worship, and have a hunger to know him more.”

Join Alpha this fall for food, talks, and honest discussion looking at the different questions around life and faith. No question is out of bounds. Find out more at hppres.org/alpha for times offered throughout the week.

Posted by Communications Ministry at 8:00 AM
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